Display more info with “mb. INLINE STUFF”

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@culinko Reading your ticket I think you get my point exactly. As someone else said on the ticket, it is something that needs to be visual and show you all the tracks about to be changed. And it must get hidden behind some kind of advanced\expert mode as that could cause utter chaos for new users!

Propagating corrections like this could be made simpler. And if it was simpler, I’d do even more of them.


A simple image to show the issue clearly:

The Recording has been corrected to use the right apostrophes.

But that then leaves nine others were the same edit needs to be propagated to…

If only there was a button on a page like there where one could “update all recordings”


According to your image and using the appropriate MB terminology:
The recording name is correct as well as 3 track names.
Remain 7 track names with typewriter apostrophes.
So what you would like is “Update all tracks” (from recording). :sweat_smile:


LOL - and there was me trying to carefully get the terminology right, and missed that last one.

(And yes - I knew the counts were wrong. They are more wronger now as I’ve been updating some…)


For those who came across some releases that would completely freeze their browser, an INLINE STUFF performance bug has been fixed today, and it should no longer happen.
Thanks to @Mitch2323 for suggesting an important clue on how to fix this old bug:


Daft question - do these scripts auto-update (I am using ViolentMonkey)?


Yes they should!
Check if your script has version 2018-12-31 and if not, force the update. :slight_smile:


The Monkey said “Yes, all is updated”. I can see the new version details at the top of he script source. :sunglasses: