Remove AcoustIDs from [silence]

Recording [silence] has assigned a lot of old AcoustIDs.

Could an admin delete those old links please?

Asking because a script blocks Firefox while loading “shadow release” (possible “mb. INLINE STUFF”), e.g. release



Excellent @Mitch2323!
You found the reason (or one of the reasons?) for my bug!!

Thanks very much!
I will be able to fix or work around this, soon.



AcoustID links should be deleted nevertheless.

@Mitch2323, INLINE STUFF is fixed now thanks to you, and with a huge performance boost, as well!

Not sure if we should really remove this fingerprints.
I think we should keep them.


Thanks for the update. Works great!!!

What’s the advantage of keeping them? I understand this for “normal” recordings, but for this special recording?

Happy New Year!

Note: There are 776 unlinked AcoustIDs!

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It helps in the future, to diagnose wrong merges, or other nerdy stuff, etc. :slight_smile:

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If it’s digital silence, then any acoustids linked are by mistake (according to trollhunter’s research ).

IF” it is digital silence.

But It is not the only eventuality.
Those recordings may have been merged by mistake and AcoustID later unlinked.
Or AcoustID may have been unlinked by mistake before a merge was done on this basis.
Or AcoustID were not submitted and some tracks were assumed silent and merged for that bad reason.

There are almost 280 tracks over there, 37 big merges and counting.

Unmerge is impossible. So it makes no sense to keep this. If a merge was a mistake, we have to create a new recording which will get the correct AcoustID.

Maybe if what bothers you is all those unlinked AcoustIDs with INLINE STUFF then I can hide them, or hide them if you check a new checkbox I would add.

I don’t know if your script, but I already have the possibility to hide the AcoustIDs.

But it gets confusing having such an amount of IDs.

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Well, you shouldn’t worry about this…
What I can do is an EDIT MODE that you would have to activate.
And without this EDIT MODE, you would not see the unlinked AcoustIDs nor you would see the unlink (×) action links after each linked AcoustID.