Display more info with “mb. INLINE STUFF”

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Release page: Inline recording names, comments, ISRC and AcoustID. Displays CAA count and add link if none. Highlights duplicates in releases and edits.

Release page enhancements

Displays recording name / track name discrepancies.
Default set‐up is var markTrackRecNameDiff = "%track-name%%br%%recording-name%"; but you can just display an asterisk like in older versions, with var markTrackRecNameDiff = "%track-name%*";.

Display recording comments (disambiguations, versions, etc.) directly in track list.

Exposes (with show/hide toggles) tracks’ ISRC and AcoustID inline directly beneath track names in releases.

Each track gets (with show/hide toggles again) recording tool links: Edit, Open edits, +relate and +merge.

In sidebar, you have Tracks, Works, ISRC and AcoustID totals and you can show/hide each category (ISRC / AcoustID), this setting will be remembered and can be changed any time.

Displays COOL CAA TAB: CAA count or upload link if none (Cover ArtCover Art (xx) where xx is the number of pictures or is Add Cover Art when no picture yet.

There is also a AcoustID and ISRC Duplicate Finder™ thing that highlights duplicates.
Useful for clean/fixing or recording merges.

Recording page enhancements

The ISRC Duplicate Finder™ works here as well.

What to do with different recording/track titles (as shown in mb INLINE STUFF)?

I have created this topic for @culinko to be able to discuss things more openly here and to limit the use of GitHub tickets to simple tasks. :slight_smile:

I have turned the original post into a wiki because I just realise now that I can no longer edit my original posts in other user scripts topics (only editable for a short period?) nor turn them into wikis now either.
So feel free to fix or enhance it, any user.


I plan to merge mb. INLINE TRACK ARTIST into this.
Please comment if you feel like it.


Many thanks for doing this!

Reposting my last question from the github ticket:

There is one additional thing I was wondering about today, this time regarding the tooltip. In row 270, there is:
ntit = (ntit ? ntit + " —\u00a0" : "") + "track name: " + aRec.textContent + "\r\n≠rec. name: " + recnameNet[mbid].name; which looks like this:


Can I ask why is the ntit value compared in (ntit ? ntit + " —\u00a0" : "") and why are the additional things (the title and dashes) displayed? I removed the mentioned part from the row so only ntit = "track name: " + aRec.textContent + "\r\n≠rec. name: " + recnameNet[mbid].name; would remain, which would look like this (imo much more clear):


So I am wondering, am I losing any functionality with this change?

The example images are showing the first track of the David Bowie’s release you linked before: https://musicbrainz.org/release/26a3ccee-93cd-48a9-b250-08b94bf30e98/.


Thanks @culinko for moving here.
Could you link your example, please (in your post above by editing it)? :slight_smile:


And these are the other two feature requests from the github ticket that I’d like to see, the second one could be probably split into sub-tasks:

  • AC highlight on release page: I’d like to request an AC highlight on release pages whenever track AC doesn’t match the recording AC, similar way as when it’s displayed on recordings (currently in mb. INLINE TRACK ARTIST). The only question would be how to fit it in and also dealing with releases which don’t have the Artist column (releases where all tracks match the release AC), in which case you could position the artist name near the rating column. This is my mockup how it could look like for both types of releases: http://imgur.com/a/ZQCeJ.

  • Release group/release comparison: I was wondering if the script could be expanded from track/recording differences to release group/release differences as well for both title and AC differences. It could show the differences on these 4 pages: artist’s release page, label page, release page and release group page. I did some mockups for these as well, though the 2nd and 3rd images don’t look so pretty: http://imgur.com/a/AKZjP.

These requests would help greatly with spotting cases where an editor edited the track but didn’t edit the recording and where they edited the release but didn’t edit the release group and vice versa. Also all of my mockups display heavily modified stuff which does not represent its mb data, if anyone was concerned.


Thanks for your ideas, I forgot to create tickets for them, here they are but I cannot guarantee I will work on them soon… :confused: