Digital releases: Merging? / Long country list? / Just [Worldwide]?

this is the main version

mine ended up here

can i have some help correcting my mistake its something I almost always seem to do with existing releases :frowning:
can someone with more Knowledge correct my error


I have asked the editor of they found this country list explicitly cited somewhere:
Which I guess so.


I don’t understand what you mean but if a country list is confirmed I prefer that than just [worldwide] as those sites don’t sell outside of those they operate in, I believe.

The fact that it “breaks” the pages layout is a matter of how to display our data.
I thought there was a ticket about that but could not find any, eventually.


Seriously @MJmusicguy, please understand that there is absolutely no problem with @Fabe56’s edit.


Not allowed to make business with, which means not sold to, which means not released at.

So even if it is only where Spotify has been given a licence for it, it corresponds to release countries.


In these cases, we should not have an MB digital release at all in the first place.
It should be the actual release you mention as cd / tape / record that should be in MB, not its rip.

If you know such examples, please edit them to fit the actual releases instead of a random rip.


Anyway everybody agrees that MB ergonomy needs improvements.
But frankly this little issue (many country flag rows) is not heavily hindering my eyes.

I would prioritise many other issues we have in our backlog, like mobile browser compatibility or even more drastically heavily needed so badly hard collection highlighter.


It is not random, it was taken from Spotify online store web service, which is not really trivial info to find out (there is a nifty @tatsumo tool for that).
It probably is the countries in which the store sells and where you can buy from.

I have never bought any download album but I know some online stores, like PlayStation Store will only accept credit cards from Japan.
So maybe there are some country checks also for those download albums.

But if we choose to not care, I am not strongly in favour of any choice because, as I said, I am not a digital guy. :wink:


As we don’t create one duplicate release for each store, we just combine all countries, so it is not incomplete.

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But I really don’t mind giving up tracking countries for digital releases if nobody really cares.

But for physical I will always prefer a to-be-completed list of confirmed countries rather than replace it by a wrong guess [Europe] or [Worldwide].


These are slightly unrelated quotes but I agree it’s interesting all this but it is a real puzzle.
Also as digital release online stores usually can change their release dates or print the physical release date, have each different countries, release dates, etc.

For these reasons, maybe we should decide that we should not loose our time with digital details, that are too many, can be changing and have no great value anyway.

Maybe we could:

  • keep just [Worldwide] for country,
  • keep only the earliest release date,
  • ignore barcodes until we can set several bar codes per release, and
  • for the rest of data (catalogue numbers, labels, copyrights, cover arts, etc.), combine data found in various stores as they come.

Because it makes sense to describe and distinguish something physically different and permanent (physical albums), but no sense to put all details try doing so on something variable (download albums) where details are about to change according to online store’s will.


But if digital release implies always the same value, no need to set it at all, not even [Worldwide].
And I don’t think we should have a new [Fake Country] for each existing now and then online stores if we just don’t need Country for digital releases.

It’s same for Package IMO, for digital release it should always be set as None.
So it would be great if Package and Country (and maybe other stuff) would be disabled / greyed out when only Digital Media mediums.

We already do this kind of enable/disable this/that fields, for instance when there is an atttached Disc ID, etc.


Are we supposed to see country flags in the annotation?

Also, the following:

© & ℗ «2016 GREY WATERS LTD.»

Belongs to release-label copyright ©2016 relationship and to recording-label phonographic copyright ℗2016 relationships instead of leaving it in the annotation.

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I don’t see flags, neither on my PC nor on my Android.

I was addressing my little relationship remark to @chaban. :wink:

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What is this release, FP?

Seeing more and more and more duplicate download releases in MB, I think we should have some kind of new rule about them, like:

  • If it’s the same tracklist, don’t create a new release
  • If there are different artworks per shop, add them all in the same release
  • Set [worldwide] for release country, with the earliest date, we don’t care if this or that shop in this or that country, sold it not or later
  • Don’t bloat the annotation with huge country list, because it was correct at some point but then the availability can change, and who reads that?

Because all the shops, countries, etc. who cares? It’s just some download album that was released this or that day, that’s the important point, not the shop where you downloaded it.

For physical it means something but for download, I’m really not sure.

Just my point of view (not a streamer/downloader), so it may be wrong.


Hello I am posting a thought here about another reason why it seems better to simply mark DL albums as [worldwide].

Besides being not maintainable, those hundred country releases, make the release statistics odd:

I didn’t read the posts in this topic since May 2021, so, sorry if it has already been said. :bowing_man:


Yes, maybe empty country is best.


But also moreover conceptual issues, if online shop countries are changing with time, as I think I read somewhere in this topic or another (super precise).