MusicBrainz website responsive theme for mobiles?

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Has there been a consideration of a responsive mobile theme for the MusicBrainz website?

Apparently more people use a mobile device (tablet, smartphone) than a desktop PC, to access the web and carry out searches.

I can see editing being as issues, but just being able to view the site on mobile (rather than using an App) would be a big step forward.


I completely agree with you @iantresman !

Look here, click link below, wait until test has been done and see the results:

mobile friendly test

Also, the site could use a nice and responsive graphics design. After all, it is a music Encyclopedia and should be attractive for visitors! I could help making a sparkling design for the Music Brainz website, as I am also a graphics designer/website developer :slight_smile:


[quote=“Samsom_Productions, post:2, topic:166754”]
I could help making a sparkling design for the Music Brainz website, as I am also a graphics designer/website developer :slight_smile:[/quote]I would also be interested in tackling this, I think @caroline-g was looking into options already though?
I have some time coming up, even if we can’t code the whole site, perhaps we can put some ideas into a thread for future use.
And to be honest, responsive CSS isn’t that complicated (until everything breaks!) so maybe we can just do it…

If Caroline could let us know if this would be useful, we can go ahead and do it :slight_smile:


Yep @aerozol that’s a good idea:

An idea related to making the CSS responsive:
Google requires a minimal size of 2.2vw for text, to accept it as “readable” on mobile devices. As 2.2vw is quite large when you see it on Desktops especially when viewing it at full screen, we could decide on making a seperate desktop and mobile version of the Music Brainz website, just like Bandcamp has :slight_smile:

Rather than having two different sites, one for desktop and one for mobile, I would like content to scale depending on the screen size. Something like:

(wow, that’s a really old article, but still useful to point out what I mean)

So the text size just gets bigger when the users screen width gets small enough to assume they’re on a phone.

Perhaps some people prefer different ‘mobile’ specific sites though?
But a lot of people use tablets and similar these days so we have a lot of changing screen sizes, so kind of tricky…


That’s right @aerozol, but don’t you personally think that what Google requires as minimum for text size for shrinking text on mobile friendly websites (and that is 2.2% of the viewport width), becomes quite large when it displays on your desktop? If not, I have no problem, after all, I use the shrinking design for my own website too :slight_smile:

I used these when making my websites responsive:

Google responsive web design

Google Webmasters

But the most interesting, I found here about the new css features “shrinking text” based on view width (vw) and view height (vh) of the screen:

The vw-based text I think really cool! :heart_eyes: You can even see it shrinking “live”, when you just resize your browser window :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Samsom_Productions, post:6, topic:166754”]
but don’t you personally think 2.2vw (2.2 view width that shrinks with the screen resolution) quite large for text displaying on your desktop[/quote]

I haven’t checked, but it is probably way too big!!
So what I mean is having (for instance) 2.2vw until the device width hits a certain size. And then change it.
I’m sure we’re talking about the same thing though :muscle:

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Yep, we can make a max size indeed you are so very right (oops you quoted me while I was making an edit on my post hahahaha) now the quote is not there anymore ooops

Hahaha you bring me on an idea for my own website, am going to make a max size there! How come I did not think of that myself? You are the best @aerosol :sunny: I mean @aerozol Why does this website always changes the z in your name into an s when I type?

I just find out that Internet Explorer does not support the vmax:


Can you think of a solution for this problem, @aerozol Or somebody else?

I think it is useful to discuss various options. Is this the best place to do so? I can see there being lots of different aspects to designing a mobile theme?

  1. A desktop sites and/or a separate mobile site? Do we just mean the same site with different style sheets?
  2. Or just use media queries?
  3. Whether to use various frameworks such as bootstrap. There are lots to choose from. I think that the advantage is that lots of technical discussion has already been done, and best practices are already being used.
  4. Whether to enable the option for people to drop in their own styling (themes/skins)
  5. Does the underlying HTML have enough IDs and classes, and if not, does it need modifying?
  6. If the underlying HTML is changed, what are the best practices?
  7. If the underlying HTML is changed, is there any other technology we can drop in easily?

Good Morning to you @iantresman :slight_smile: Yep I agree with you, we should discuss various options, and indeed maybe this is not the best place to do so. What do you suggest, about where we are going to start up the discussion?

I would like to keep the discussion at MusicBrainz, as this is where one would expect the discussion to be.

I was thinking more of being able to create a forum category on a mobile theme where sub-categories could be made. But maybe we just need to be smarter about how the discussion goes.

Perhaps we start be discussing what needs to be considered, rather than any of the technical details, then we create a bullet point summary, and then create a discussion on each one?

Or perhaps if a couple of individuals want to take a lead, they should suggest how a project might be proceed?

I feel like this thread is appropriate for this discussion, the title fits anyway!

  1. Facebook has this site:
    What I meant is that I want the site to scale to any browser/screen size, not have a purely ‘mobile’ version like the example given.
  2. No sure, I’m a designer not a developer so these questions aren’t really my forte/interest!
  3. I wouldn’t worry about this (yet).
    5,6,7. I don’t see the point in looking into this stuff until we know what we want the site to look like and do, we don’t really know our needs yet.

Anyway, I probably wont comment much more until Caroline has mentioned what she’s been up to, this may have already all been discussed somewhere/ someone may have already made a plan or started.



I also prefer to have the discussion here in this forum thread, and, I just found out a very simple cross-browser css-solution for setting

Here is my solution, for example when the viewport width hits 800px:

p {font-size:2.2vw}

@media screen and (min-width: 800px) {
p {font-size:16px}}

It works! :smile:

And to set a minimum font-size for mobile devices, so the text stays always large enough to be read, we can do this, for example:

@media screen and (max-width: 500px) {p {font-size:12px}}

Talk to you @iantresman and @aerozol later, have a good day/night!

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There is some previous discussion in this ticket:


Thank you @Freso for the info! I think I will stick with @aerozol on this topic: scaling the site by modifying the css-sheet, instead of creating a separate mobile site, because, nowadays, people use so many different screen resolutions (tablet in different sizes, mobiles in different sizes etc.).

And, I just found out with some thinking about it, that I can very easily in css scale text without letting it become too large or too small!

Yes, this summer I was looking into a few simple redesigns for MusicBrainz’s front page. (see for a few of my ideas) However, I had gotten sidetracked with school and have not been working on implementing any changes yet. [quote=“aerozol, post:3, topic:166754”]
If Caroline could let us know if this would be useful, we can go ahead and do it :slight_smile:

Definitely! I’m ready to jump back into working on this project and you guys sound excited and like you have some really good ideas. My focus with the redesign had been purely static and from an aesthetic point of view, so it is great to see the ideas for a more responsive and dynamic site :smile:


I think that redesigns for MusicBrainz’s front page is welcome (it looks dated), as would a redesign of an artist’s overview tab. I think both of these would be easier once the website has become mobile responsive.


Welcome back @caroline-g to this topic :slight_smile: And that is perfectly okay, that you concentrated on school now, instead of on this website! For you school should indeed be the most important :slight_smile: and when you have vacation from school perhaps during upcoming holiday season, perhaps you can find some time to help us a bit, if you like to? :wink:

@caroline-g I am Anita and I am rather new here, but very excited and dedicated to redesign this website into a wonderful looking and responsive World Music Encyclopedia!
And thank you @iantresman for your support :slight_smile:

See you all soon for further discussion,
Happy Weekend to you, make fun! :sunny:


For what it’s worth, my preference for optimising MusicBrainz for mobiles, is to use the Bootstrap framework, on the grounds that:

  1. It “is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.”
  2. All the technicalities have been done.
  3. Bootstrap themes are readily available, and lots on the web
  4. There are lots and lots of extensions