Digital Korean/Japanese retailers vs Cover art

How would you credit the artist for this release? I’m torn between what’s printed on the cover “JISOO”, or what’s written on the digital retailer page “지수 (JISOO)”. The latter bothers me because it seems redundant to credit the same name twice, in hangul (Korean alphabet) and then in latin (romanized). If I were to pick just one, should I go for “JISOO” or “지수”? Or is “지수 (JISOO)” more appropriate?

Every other release on MB is credited as JISOO because every other digital retailer uses the romanized name except for the Korean ones as Koreans have an easier time reading hangul than latin characters. But is this relevant for MB? Basically, the main question is, do I always go for what’s printed on the cover? Or do I make a distinction between digital releases that have a different script language?

Also, I guess this can apply for some Japanese releases as well. This has Avril Lavigne printed on the cover but the artist name on Apple Music is “アヴリル・ラヴィーン”.

typically, I’ll try and add two official releases in these cases, (for example, the two T-POCKET digital releases here). one for the Japanese/Hangul/etc. script, and one for the Latin script release. I don’t know if this is common practice, especially since I very rarely work on Korean releases

once both releases are created, of course link them together with a transl(iter)ation relationship, like I did above

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Oh I remember this topic. I was one of the editors (my old account). I like the relationship idea, however, to which release should I use that relationship when there are so many different releases that use latin characters? The Korean one is clearly the original, as track 1 is called , but internationally, they use FLOWER (direct translation).

I’d create a second release for the translated release. note how both digital releases in my example have the same Apple Music ID (theoretically the same barcode, but Apple doesn’t always provide those…), just different stores. in my mind, it’s the best option until we finally get [MBS-4501] Alternative tracklists - MetaBrainz JIRA

They do, but you need a script to see it. Try this one.

good to know~ I’ve just always used Atisket, and I think it still uses the old iTunes API, not Apple Music at the moment…

Yes, it can only fetch barcode from Apple Music if they’re embedded on the cover art URL, but not many labels do this.