Combining multiple disks as single album

Earlier today, I bit off more than I can chew. I tried to add a 5-disc CD set to the database. Picard grabbed the track information from Disc 1 and found a CD Stub. When I got to the page where I can add a release, Picard had identified the title of the album, but added “, Disc 01” at the end. The release group got the same name. For the next four discs, I had to add everything manually. When I finally fix a bunch of things I forgot to do for a couple of those discs, I want to combine the five discs into a single release group without losing the proper disc order. Merging the release groups doesn’t appear to be the right way to handle this problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.


you’ll want to do a release merge, there’s a guide here.

there’s two types of release merges, you can handle it as a duplicate release or as a multi-disc release. you’ll want the second part of the guide for this case


Thanks for that guidance. I think I’m going to cancel all my edits for this multi-disc set and start over. That probably will be less time consuming than fixing minor things piecemeal.

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Hi @Landlubber,
Is it the Six Star Treats by Artichaut?
Please keep it, it’s no problem to continue improving it, by merging, as explained by @UltimateRiff.

It’s already looking quite good, no?
You can merge release groups towards disc 01 and releases towards disc 01 (don’t forget to type medium titles, if any).
Then you can remove disc 01 from release group and release titles.


There I queued the combination edits, @Landlubber.


When you submit releases from actual CD, you don’t really have the choice but to merge mediums as a second step.

It’s either that or you manually create a multi-medium release but then you still have to submit disc ID and set track times for each medium.

Your method is cleaner, but we have to wait for the merge to apply…

If you fix stuff in your own release, we can approve the edits, just tell us here.

For example, super jewel box and 2018 seem both wrong info.