Combining multiple disks as single album

It is useful if you are working with multiple discs that may not all be there. Always good to know extra tricks.

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Yeah but apparently @Landlubber is already overwhelmed with the one-step merge page (and I can totally understand that). :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was only trying to help. They say they are adding five disks in total. So I was thinking ahead.

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Oh OK, nice! :slight_smile:
I didn’t get that.

@Landlubber you should wait to have added all 5 discs and then only you merge them, no?
Because each merge edit will take 1 week, you will never end or it will be less simple if you don’t do it with a single edit.

I tried again. The goal is to merge Disc 02 into Disc 01. Actually, the goal is to combine the two discs in a single release without any more references to disc numbers. FYI, this album has only 2 discs.

Merging two discs should not be this hard. In my experience, computer software is a nightmare without clear instructions, preferably with examples. And database software is worse nightmare than word processing software.

Is there a way for me to reply to you and Ivan in the same email?

Ok super: Edit #97614677 - Merge releases is good!

Now you should also merge the 2 release groups and remove Disc 01 from the target release and release group titles.

(I did these 3 edits, open for review and vote)

Kia ora (hello) Landlubber!

If something was confusing in the guide you followed, let us know how we can improve it, specifically! Or even make a wiki account and get stuck in. New eyes are invaluable.

I am making a series of short tutorial videos to cover actions like this, merges is on the list. Hopefully it will cover your issues, but most likely it will need some finessing via input from new users as well.

A bigger item on the to-do list is to better surface help and documentation items in the interface, but that may take ‘some time’ yet, as it’s probably connected with a planned redesign.

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Hello, aerozol,

I found the How To instructions for merging releases confusing because of some apparent contradictions. For example, do the Disc 01 and Disc 02 labels in the release titles disappear automatically, or must the user do something to accomplish this? What I suggest is that the instructions go step by step with examples showing data entered in the appropriate box or boxes. I mentioned some of this earlier in the chain. Try not to send users to some other page for additional information. Try not to have too many situations in the rule. For example, Release Merge has a two-disc rule followed by a rule for cases where a third disc needs to be merged with the other two. I seem to recall another rule after those. I also commented about the YouTube videos earlier in the chain.

Thanks Landlubber - I meant specific changes, not feedback.

e.g. replace X (text) with Z. Or add Z here.

If you think there’s a better format to do the whole thing in, then I would sign up for a wiki account (or a YouTube account) and “be the change” :+1:

The tutorials I have in the pipeline don’t have any background music, for what it’s worth, but I’m certain they wont suit everyone perfectly, unfortunately.

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