'brainz' fantasy list


We have a lot of discussion on topics like 'why is there no ‘brainz’ for movies? I’m sure I’m not the only one always thinking ‘a x brainz would be perfect right now’. Time to let loose!

If we could keep it to one ‘brainz’ wish per post then we can, for fun, see what’s getting the most likes/interest. Maybe wait for someone else to post before posting again as well.

I’ll get started!



Note: twenty character post limit might make this tricky :0


… why am I tempted to suggest we’ll soon need BrainzBrainz :smirk:


I’m really not a sports fan, but I bet someone would find a sportsbrainz useful…


I have always loved my various machine model numbers, like Mitsubishi DA-F20, Pioneer PD-Z74T, Pioneer A-403R or even my Panasonic SR-TEJ10, to name a few.
I would like having a collection of mine in a CAA powered MachineBrainz. :slight_smile:


Music score brainz!

I would like to have MBIDs for each edition of music score, related to MBID of the musical Work the score represents. This may turn out to be a special case of BookBrainz.


I’ve been traveling a bit and ‘antiquebrainz’ or ‘archeologybrainz’ would surely have some interesting data points! And might be needed I dunno


My first thought was: games

Computer games are already rather well catalogued, I think (Mobygames and friends). Tabletop games, a bit less so (at least one site exists, but I forgot its name). I don’t know of an online database for „traditional“ children’s games.

A Game{s,z}Brainz could encompass all of these.


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There was some musing recently in IRC about DanceBrainz.


The nearest thing is http://www.wikitree.com/ which in case you don’t know is attempting to create a single family tree, and is completely free to use ecetera. But the code is not opensourced, there are restrictions on what data you can download and there is not much of a developer community.


Thanks for that, had a little play with it!
Some things the MB userbase (or should I say developerbase?) would do better at first glance (their locations are open-text fields?) but beggars can’t be choosers.


We would probably not need a LegoBrainz, for there are so many already.
I’m really amazed by all those wonderful LEGO® SYSTEM™ databases, it’s incredible.
My cousin recently made me know about them!

The fact that it is a finite world of only one brand and every little piece has its own catalogue number, life for LegoBrainz editors would be like paradise, compared to MB editing.

Thanks for the topic move, @Freso. :bow:


Those guys were Androids? I never knew.


Only the black face, apparently. :smiley:


Weird one, but was thinking about how cool an ApparelBrainz would be today.
Just because I see a lot of cool designs (including band shirts) out there, and a lot are limited and hard to find later (even pics of them)

edit: 9 months later :stuck_out_tongue: