Mobygames & Final Fantasy 6

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Computer games are already rather well catalogued, I think (Mobygames and friends). [/quote]

Thanks I didn’t know that site… Oh but no, they call FF6, FF3. :no_good:

So I actually do need a VGBrainz. :wink:

'brainz' fantasy list

Hmm, it would be probably be named ファイナルファンタジーVI there, which would give anyone not well-versed in Katakana heartburn…


My concern was more about the wrong numbering for a reference than about the script, the Latin script is okay for an English page.


But as I understand it, this was released outside Japan as „Final Fantasy Ⅲ“, was it not?


Thanks @Freso, I was waiting for a topic split before answering more. :slight_smile:
Original USA edition is not equal to outside Japan, I imagine yourself are living in some other area than just those two. :wink:
When an edition chooses a mistake, it does not change the canonical episode number for an encyclopaedia-like base.
Except if the site is for USA usage only.
I know nobody in France who calls this game as Ⅲ, even during the times when we were playing that misnumbered USA import, in 95.
This is why I would prefer a VideoGameBrainz than the couple of sites I stumbled upon so far.


The SNES cartridge was released as Final Fantasy III, in 1994. But then the next in the series (FF7) was released on the PS1 as FF7, and I’m pretty sure all the later rereleases of FF6 have called it FF6. At least in part because they released FF3 here… So the only sane thing to do with them is to call them by the original Japanese numbering.

I’m not at all familiar with that site, but its odd that they call it “Final Fantasy III” since all the releases of it they list, I’m pretty sure, call it “Final Fantasy VI”.


Sure, I’m actually arguing for the Katakana version to be the canonical one.

Still, the official name of the thing you played had the three in the title. If that were a music release, we’d give this release its „wrong“ name. The release group could have a more sane name, of course (the original Katakana one, if you ask me)

Case in point: nobody uses the name „The Beatles“ for

Nevertheless we use the official name and keep the popular one as an annotation (the aliases are … confused)


No problem with leaving its (good or bad) name to an edition, it’s perfectly what should be done.
But here, MobyGames gave the bad numbering to what appears to me as the equivalent of the work or the release group (as @derobert explained).
I don’t really want to argue the katakana title, I think it’s ok to display these English words in Latin a they are in an English version of the site and anyway they are even on the cover itself (I do have the original SHVC-F6 in hands).


I think they simply have no concept similar to Works or even Release Groups.

And yes, this is an argument for a more structured approach (a.k.a. GamesBrainz). I’m not doing it, though… and even my data contributions would be pretty slim, I guess.