Hello, everyone!.. So, i have come up with an idea of a new project for MetaBrainz, i.e. CodeBrainz. This will use Blocky by google, which will help begginers to improve their learning ability for programming languages in a simple manner.

The students can make blocks of code using logic, and the professional code for the same will be made available to them.
Dear all, let me know what do you think of the idea. any suggestions are most welcomed.

@Freso , please guide me with my idea, and suggest the suitable mentor with whom i can discuss this.
thank you. :slight_smile:

Sounds good but, these holidays, I have seen a 5 year old niece using //
So I think this idea has already been implemented. :wink:

Unfortunately, I think this idea is well beyond the scope of MetaBrainz currently. We have no plans of starting any new *Brainz projects in any near future. We’re already struggling with people/time constraints to work on our existing projects as it is—ad our two most recent babies, BookBrainz and ListenBrainz, are still being nurtured and coddled on their way to adulthood. We’re not really in a position to take on a new project such as this, esp. when it is 1) not an open data project, and 2) it is something that has been done/is being done by multiple other projects (such as the one @jesus2099 mentions).