Bandcamp info changing over time - New Release in group, or edit existing?

Hello, everyone. New editor here - I came to MusicBrainz when Plex started supporting integration with it, since my friend group runs a few media servers with it. As an archivist at heart, I want to briefly mention how much I appreciate the work and consideration that this community puts forth for our posterity, as well as the difficult categorical decisions you all tackle on a daily basis. Believe me, I feel for your struggles.

Now, down to business - I’m aware that there are a few topics on here that touch on issues related to artists editing the release pages for their work on Bandcamp (I’ve read this thread), but what I want to know is this: What procedure should be followed for entering altered release info into MBz when an entry for the work (as it was pre-edit) already exists? Should the existing release be edited to include the new information, or should the old release be left untouched, with a new release in the release group being created instead?

My primary concern here is the track listing, i.e. what to do if an artist adds tracks to their release later, and how those tracks/recordings are accounted for, etc. My friends and I use MBz through Plex to match all manner of music that we own to the corresponding entries on this site, and as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s rather troublesome when we discover that a track on a particular release is present in our copy, and listed on Bandcamp properly, but not accounted for in MBz. Can’t match the track or release properly to let Picard tag it, yadda yadda.

I usually waltz on in here and create/edit entries by-the-book for music that I own when the information on here is lacking, but I’m unsure of how to proceed in these cases.


I can think of at least one precedent where the strategy chosen appears to be to create additional releases in the same release group with updates.

Editing the existing release feels wrong in most cases IMO, since it loses information.


Agreed; that’s what I was leaning towards as well, for much the same reason.

Definitely the kind of thing where I wanted to double-check with the community first, though. Thanks for linking the precedent.

New release!
The release date on a release should accurately reflect what the release looked like at that time :slight_smile:

Not perfect but another example:

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve gone ahead and made an addition in accordance with this policy.

For anyone that might come after me and read this topic, note that you can find date information related to all kinds of stuff by opening the bandcamp page source and searching for “date.”

In particular, I used the “mod_date” to pin down the MB release date of the updated version.

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If you want to explain this situation for other editors further, you may consider noting that this release changes or was changed in either the disambiguation of the later release or the annotation field of the release group.


Good call; I’ll do that. I had put annotations on the releases themselves, but neglected to give much thought to the group page or disambiguations.