How to add "Evolving"/"In progress" album

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I have recently added “Demos Vol. II” by Lauren O’Connell to Musicbrainz ( However, this album is updated from time to time with new sons. For example, I modified the release recently to include track 16, but in the meanwhile, a seventeenth track was added (see Any advice on the best way to track these new songs? I guess always updating the existing entry is not really the best way to go.

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For every change there should be a new release with a new release date (when the change happened) and usually a new link (the old bandcamp links won’t work anymore) in the same release group.

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I’m not too convinced having every added song to be a separate release. What about adding the recordings as stand-alone recordings for now and add them to a recording series. And only once the series is considered “finished” add a release for it?


I just had a look at the album now and agree it should rather be a series.

“Less an album, and more a collection site for demos, covers, and collaborations recorded at my house”

Can purchase for download links be added to collections? I’m on mobile right now and can’t test. Otherwise I’d just add the bandcamp link in the annotation.

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It can’t :frowning: But I agree “available for download” links would make sense here, so I added a ticket. I also agree on having this added to the annotation in the meantime.

Just to have some additional argument for the series here: We already use series for similar cases where there is a regularly updated RSS feed. IMHO this case here is pretty similar in nature, just minus the RSS feed and having a Bandcamp page instead.


I was not aware of the concept of series, thanks for pointing that out. It seems the best way to go indeed.
What should I do with the existing entry? Can I convert it to a series, should I remove it, leave it as is?