Artist Credits Helper (Split, Append & Guess)

MusicBrainz Artist Credits Helper

Split and fill artist credits, append character voice actor credit, and guess artists from track titles.

I recently ran into the trouble of entering complex artist credits as @Totosaurio3279 mentioned in this thread:

I strongly agree that entering this kind of AC by hand is quite an annoying and time-consuming task, which I can hardly avoid since this is widely used in Japanese releases, so I decided to write a userscript to ease the effort for me – to append voice actor credits for characters automatically.

Append CV credits for characters

It works simply by querying the API for “voice actor” relationships and fill the input box with artist MBID. (I didn’t find a good solution if there’re multiple rels, so I just assume there’ll only be one rel that’s not ended) The default join phrases are " (CV " and “)”, you can modify them in the source code to match the format on the cover arts,.

While I was searching for existing solutions on parsing artist credits strings, I discovered that this is quite a common need, so I added another feature to split a string of multiple artist credits and fill the fields.

Split and fill artist credits

It’s based on a regular expression to match the join phrases and split the string, currently supporting AC strings like A, B & C, A vs. B feat. C and Character(CV.Artist).

The regex is not perfect for handling various circumstances, but you can certainly modify it to your needs. Also it might have some glitches so you need to fix them by hand, but at least it’s better than nothing!

Above that, I also incoporated a small feature to guess the solo artists from track titles. (might not have a large audience but works well for me)


Also it’s based on a regular expression and supports titles like Song Someone Ver., Song Someone Remix and Song Someone ソロ. (Since it’s hard to distinguish English names in English titles, I set it to support non-English names only)

The first and third feature might not be an eager need for majority, so they can be disabled by setting the two variables ENABLE_GUESS_TRACK_ARTISTS and ENABLE_APPEND_CHARACTER_CV in the source code.

I hope you’ll enjoy this userscript, it could be integrated into the website (maybe?), but I find it enough to leave it as a script, for its simplicity and highest flexibility of customizations.


Thank you for solving this problem!
This might just be the push I needed to come back to the MB community!