Is there a way to parse join phrases when adding a new release?

Pretty self explanatory but I can add some context.
I mainly add releases related to anime and videogames.
A lot of them (if not most) are credited to “Character name (CV.Voice Actor Name)”
When adding a new release using “Add cluster as release”, I have an already properly tagged artist field.
I was wondering if there was a way to parse it so that musicbrainz detects where to split the text into two separate artists and leave “(CV.” as join phrase.
I have realized this is the most time consuming part of adding new anime related releases so it’d be great if this was possible.

EDIT: Figured adding a picture of what I meant was worth it. Currently when using “Add cluster as a release” the whole artist field taken as a single artist. I was wondering if it could be possible to batch split them like on the first track.


I guess MBS-10859 could cover this.


Currently, you’d need to write your own proprietary code to seed the release editor with the tokenized artist credits.


Thanks, I didn’t know that could be done!
Gonna check when I have some free time, seems interesting.

I also voted on the ticket linked by @chaban thanks for the heads up

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