A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

Well, that would explain it. I thought I did not see them because I don’t have a subscription/account for Apple Music. Maybe this makes it more reasonable to include video tracks which have track numbers and are part of the regular tracklist (on Apple exclusive releases, so there are no differences to Deezer/Spotify). I can’t really make a statement here since I haven’t really seen much releases with videos besides the examples reported in this thread.

I have access to the code, but not to the server where the mirror is running. Maybe I should have mentioned in my above post that I did not make these tests on the public server, but in my development environment where I temporarily changed the code to see what it will do when I do not exclude the video tracks from the API response…

We should probably add an error message which explains this behavior. Have you ever seen a case where iTunes did not return a tracklist for a different reason, or can we just use your explanation as is?

I have never seen an instance for no track listing where it wasn’t just an Apple Music exclusive. For some reason Apple Music & iTunes APIs are separate. I’ve always disliked how the wording was on that “iTunes did return an album item, but an empty tracklist”. Because the release isn’t on iTunes at all. At least the itunes.apple.com is no longer defaulted so any with this will be music.apple.com as it should be.

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hi, I just started using this and it’s a fairly good thing for releases what are on several of these online stores (bandcamp and beatport notwithstanding) but I really do wish that it would not redirect to this “add cover art” type atisket page directly from mb.org/add release page. It’d be better if that page opened in another tab or something. Once I’m on mb, I don’t want that same page to redirect to some other site - especially since it redirects straight from /add/ and not from the finished added /release/ page

I’m using this script very often, often for Classical releases.

As per Classical Music Style guide, the opus abbreviation for the works should be all in lower case.
So it should be “op.” and not “Op.”

Unfortunately digital release vendors do not agree and I pretty much always have to correct from “Op.” to “op.”, so copy/paste to editor from track parse, change all, copy back and parse.

Not a big deal but it would be nice if the script did that … I assume that’s an easy change, not that I know js.

Possible ?

Could this please be updated for Apple Music.
Labels & barcodes are now shown in the “view page source” info. I asked about this upthread, but it seems to have been ignored. It’s such a simple update. If this can look for barcodes in the jpg filename as it seems to still rely on, just change it. There is a field called “upc” & one called “recordLabel”. I know when a-tisket was created, those weren’t there, but they have been now since at least 2020. Also, please stop removing leading zeroes off of 14-digit GTINs. They are legitimate. They show for Spotify releases, but not for iTunes releases that actually have them and are only being added when Spotify has an exclusive.


Anyone having issues entering iTunes UPC or URL? I always get redirected to a blank screen.

I think the marlonob site is down. It hasn’t worked for me since last night. I’ve never had a blank screen issue with the mirror. BTW, it’s giving me a blank screen on any search on marlonob now, not just iTunes.

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Try this https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/.


This. I’ve been using the mirror exclusively since it became available.


I don’t on Deezer releases because it keeps removing countries and saying Worldwide releases aren’t Worldwide, when they are.


Ye, notably if it’s worldwide except for British Indian Ocean Territory, it’s probably Deezer’s fault. There’s also a bunch of Islands that get excluded by Deezer occasionally, but that’s less common.
If it’s worldwide except for Curaçao, probably Spotify’s fault.

On these cases I use the button “Set the release event to only GB” (or whatever country), then change that country to worldwide (XW) manually when editing.


No. I’m talking about the fact that when you run marlonob’s site, the Deezer API is reporting up to about 20 something more countries than the mirror is. This has been discussed several times upthread. Deezer hasn’t updated their website to reflect where they are. The mirror is using that list to show what countries Deezer is supposed to be in, so that if it’s not in a country, it’ll know what country to report excluded. However, their API is reporting it in countries that aren’t on the official list. Most notably China and often Curacao, so there are a lot of releases that the mirror reports as excepted in China & Curacao and when you run them under the original marlonOB site, reports them as Worldwide. This is because they are actually in China & Curacao on Deezer. Thus making this a Worldwide release, but the mirror doesn’t know Deezer is in China & Curacao. The Deezer list needs to just be updated to include China & Curacao because it’s obviously there.


I do that also about marking many worldwide. Unfortunately, it seems that many use a-tisket and go 100% with what it reports with no exceptions. That is why I’d like to see these small updates, so less errors will occur. But I suppose it’s better than not being here at all.

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The original a‐tisket: A multi‐source seeder for digital releases for MusicBrainz is working for me again.

by the way, it seems the ISRC submitter script has moved URLs, so the current link is broken:

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That’s only on the original that it goes to the old place. The mirror has had this new link since the change.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to limit the countries Deezer searches when looking up by barcode? I’ve had a few cases where barcodes are shared between US and ROW releases and was hoping there’s an easier way of finding the Deezer page for the US release without having to use a VPN or some other proxy.

Not with a-tisket. I use a VPN myself (annoying, in that you also have to remember to clear your cookies, etc. to make it work). Sometimes a simple Google search will also give the Deezer ID for the different country. This is the biggest problem with a-tisket as it doesn’t know how to distinguish releases with the same barcode that have different labels, etc. Napalm Releases are a mess as with some other labels. They add 2 zeroes on international release and remove them on US release and have different phonographic copyrights, etc sometimes from US release. Canada releases sometimes have 2nd label, etc.


The live instance has just been updated to add support for seeding the MB artist editor with vendor links from the “Artist Relationships” section on the “Complementary links” page.

If the artist name includes an MB icon and is highlighted in orange then clicking it will take you to the artist editor with the missing vendor links automatically added. This was all made possible thanks to changes on MB implemented by @reosarevok.

Note that the matching of artists between vendors and MB is naive, and so it will not work in certain cases. As far as I’m concerned the way it works now is “good enough”, and handling corner cases will be both time consuming and add significant complexity, so feel free to report issues but be aware that they are unlikely to be fixed.


Deezer provides a single API endpoint, with no options to restrict results to certain territories etc. I think it’s unlikely that the API itself tailors results based on the client’s detected location, but I suppose it’s possible.

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