Fetching ISRCs from Spotify

I believe atisket can do this.

In any case it’s trivial to add, so will try to add it today, if I get a chance.

Though Spotify’s per-track artists aren’t always great quality – I think they’re semi-automated based on the track titles, so I’ve seen them be inconsistent with the “feat.” in the track title several times.


Is anyone else having trouble logging into d.ontun.es with Spotify?

Not really but earlier it didn’t log me in automatically so I have to do it manually.

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i have a problem with clicking on spotify isrc submission.

anyone else?

That old instance (which I assume you accessed via the old version of a-tisket) was decommissioned months ago.

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New link is at https://d.ontun.es/

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i think i know what happened now. normally i use the new link but as i was trying to use these on the right side of the relationships:

i got forwarded to an old a-tisket


Anyone ever noticed that some ISRC’s aren’t matching because of capitalization?

Album: https://d.ontun.es/?entity=album&id=5JrvE0c17hJrMY5ShoEEq9
isrc for a track: https://musicbrainz.org/isrc/ushm90981054
isrc on MB: https://musicbrainz.org/isrc/USHM90981054

Yes, not sure why that happens on Spotify sometimes. It’s wrongly formatted on Spotify. The importer still works fine and fixes them on import.

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Ah, I see. It doesn’t seem like it fixes existing ISRC’s though or finds the one with incorrect capitalization.

The ISRC spec says that the format of the code is all upper case. “Lower case letters are not strictly permitted by the specification though it is recommended that systems map lower-case letters to their upper-case equivalents before validating or using codes.“

page 6


MB should be storing only uppercase and ensure that any isrc codes are uppercase by converting to uppercase.

MB does only store uppercase. That’s why the IRSC seeder converts the instances where Spotify has lowercase into uppercase. This is not an issue at all, it’s a Spotify issue that’s already been taken care of on MB.

There are no ISRCs on MB with lowercase that I’ve ever seen. I don’t even think it will store them.

that’s good. I’m confused that the report indicates a problem with matching.

Yeah, I just wished the website could find the recordings even if the ISRC’s from spotify are incorrect like in this example: ISRC submit

It would be a workaround to make it less confusing, that’s what i meant by “fixing”.

That makes sense. Yeah, I never thought about that. It doesn’t show the links to existing ISRCs just because they are in lowercase on Spotify & in uppercase on MB. Yeah, that would be cool.

It would be awesome if this tool had a link to https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/ with the appropriate spotify ID stuff like this: https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/?spf_id=5XzGHzpZyEU1rPCcy7ERCM&preferred_vendor=spf

Just an easy way to add missing releases since this tool is great for browsing artist profiles etc.

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For the last day or so, every time I’ve opened a d.ontun.es link to submit ISRCs, I always have to manually log back into MB through it. I’ve noticed around the time the drop-down “You’re not logged in” message appears, Chrome’s pop-up blocker also alerts me it’s been activated. This has never happened before, though in the past there was some blink-of-an-eye automatic opening and closing of tabs involved in the MB authentication. @tatsumo, can you look into this? I think Chrome’s security features may be breaking the tool. It’s tolerable right now, but I fear it may get worse.


Has something changed on Spotify or the tool’s end? It’s no longer showing releases on artist pages for me if those releases aren’t available in my country (the UK).


Yeah it seems it has on Spotify’s end.

I’ll try to have a look into it as soon as I can