Which secondary type for release group with different types of releases?

Hi there, I’ve been cleaning up the releases for this Japanese idol group and reached a crossroad trying to decide if I should specify secondary types to the release groups. The reason being that within each release group, physical releases usually come with a DVD/BluRay with different contents; some may be video recordings of a live concert; some may be interviews; and others may be skits. All these different releases with different secondary types within the same release group.

An example is the release group Am I ready?. The contents of the BluRay medium in its TYPE-A and TYPE-B releases are video recordings from 2 concert events; whereas the contents of the BluRay medium in its TYPE-C and TYPE-D releases are video interviews. The remaining releases within the release group are simply the usual music recordings with no need for a secondary type.

Here, I’d like to ask for opinions with regards to this issue. How should I best specify the secondary type of such a release group? Should I include all the possible secondary types available, i.e. live and interview, or should I not specify any secondary types at all?

I found a seemingly related forum question, but the solution is not appropriate for this issue since the release group only has a single release.


Secondary types are not to be mistaken as “secondary” or bonus content. They should still describe the primary content of the releases.


Right, that makes more sense. If that’s the case then the answer would to be to not specify any secondary type for these release groups. Thanks for the help!

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