Adding a multi-media entry (DVD + Blu-ray + CD)

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I’d like to add the following release to MusicBrainz:マキシマム-ホルモン-Deka-Vs-Deka/release/7802471.
It’s a 3 DVD-Video + Blu-ray + CD release. The DVDs and Blu-ray contain interviews, a live and some music videos, while the CD is an original album (with its own case and cover) containing updated versions of songs from the band’s first album.
The CD itself has already been added here, with transliterated track titles. It’s the digital version of the CD, available on Spotify:

I’m wondering if I should whether:

  • Add only the CD release as standalone (the songs are not audio recordings from the DVDs and Blu-ray, they’re original music).
  • Add a new release with the DVDs, Blu-ray and the CD (like on Discogs). Then:
    • Should it be in the same release group as
    • When adding the cover arts, I assume it’d be better to add them for all mediums. In that case, the cover of the box will be set as the release cover. Is there a way to associate cover arts with a medium, so that Picard will choose the cover of the CD for the CD tracks?
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As a first step you can add the CD as medium 3 in a new release in new release group and link this new deka vs deka release group as including the existing release group.
Try to reuse existing recordings in your new release. Otherwise we can still merge them later.

Then later, when you have time you can add mediums 1 and 2, marking their recordings as video recordings by checking the video checkbox.
You can also add the covers, if you have time.

If mediums 1 and 2 contain the same videos with different quality, you can make those tracks linked to the same recordings. Here too, we can later merge recordings as it can be difficult to do so as a beginner.

If you want to look at an example of video+audio release.


I see. I’ll add a new release group with all mediums then.

About the primary and secondary types: for the DVDs and Blu-ray, I think it should be “Live”, but for the CD it should just be “EP”. What should I put on the release group then?

One last question: is it fine to add an “included in” relationship to (since the CD is the same as this release group) and a “live performances” relationship to (since the Blu-ray is a live of this album)?

Secondary type live I think is good as the main medium is concert, isn’t it?

About the live of an album, It’s good when the whole album performed live, as a work in itself. It’s not an often thing.

It’s like the example I linked to you earlier, they performed the album live in sequence. Mediums 1 and 3 are the recording of this unusual type of concert.

But in your case, they don’t perform all album tracks and not in the same sequence.

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Thanks for the help.
I created the release earlier: