Where to add orchestra members? Event orchestra members? Festival orchestra members

I’ve just added an Event. :tada:

Where (or not at all) would I add orchestra members?

(This relates to Festival orchestras
where it appeared that having orchestra members as part of an Event would be a good way to record who made up a festival orchestra for a specific year.)

I would add the orchestra members to the artist entity for the orchestra, with their instrumental roles if known.


That is how it is looking to me.
And that approach renders the actual members of an orchestra playing at an event pretty much in-accessible AIUI.

Say I add 2018 Orchestra members AA to BZ.
But I don’t know when they started in the Orchestra. So their membership in 2018 goes into the annotation for each artist.
Search results would have orchestra members AA to BZ mixed in with all other known members of the orchestra. To find the members playing at a specific 2018 event a encyclopedia user would need to go through all undated orchestra members and check their Annotations. Any sensible user would go elsewhere for the data.)

I know; it’s not an ideal solution, but it’s the best one we have. The same issue arises with members of a band or support musicians for a solo artist.
I proposed a “backing musician” Event-level AR a while back in hopes of (partially) remedying this.

EDIT: There’s also a ticket for “supporting musician”, but that’s only on the Series level, not the Event level.


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In the long term this situation is un-encyclopedic.