Where do I disclaim my identity?

I read the rules and they say that if I am the artist to say that I am the artist.
I am not big on self-promotion. I like my anonymity. My artist page already exists. I just plan on making a few tweaks to my info if needed.

I have seen that some people have “biographies” on their user accounts, but I don’t have that option. I assume that I need to post my COI somewhere else?

If you are an artist, you have an artist page and as an editor you have a profile. You can add a biography to your profile if you edit it.

Yeah, that is what I was talking about. I have seen editors with little tidbits written about themselves. But I don’t see that option.

You should if you click my second link. :slight_smile:

Not there.
Could it be because I am a new user?

Could be, I don’t know the exact rules for that, but it seems plausible.

Well, then, maybe the next time I come around, I will have that option.
Thank you.

I haven’t read that part of the rules too closely, but my guess is that it only means that identifying yourself as the artist can be a good way of supporting any change you make – unlike Wikipedia, we don’t require finding a reference for any particular fact, but documenting where you found something can come in really handy years down the line when some other editor comes along. If you want to keep anonymity, then (as far as I know) there’s no requirement to link the two pages. You’ll probably know better than others where you’ve put, say, what guest did what on a recording, and you can use that as a link you “just happened to find” in your edit note for helping those future editors; you can even technically just add data without any posted support, though you might get somebody silently grumbling at you long from now, and it might wind up getting deleted.

If you’re really concerned about anonymity, though, remember that we do keep a history of edits, and people can search which ones you’ve done – if you only ever edit one artist, it’s going to be rather obvious who you are. The best way to hide that is to find a broad selection of other artists to flesh out. And of course that’s a completely selfless suggestion on the part of another editor. :wink:


Could very well be. We’ve had quite a problem with spammers creating editor accounts on MusicBrainz just to add spam to the bio and homepage fields, and we did take some measures to try and deter this. Unfortunately, it will also hit some innocent, real, genuine editors. :frowning: Looks like you got hit in the crossfire.

Once you graduate from “Limited User” you should be able to edit it to your heart’s content!


Yes, this is a recent rule which has been decided just after MetaBrainz meeting 2017-05-22.

  • Limited users cannot set biography/website (since July, see MBS-9355).
  • Biographies will not be visible to visitors not logged in (in beta, see MBS-9353).

No No. My thought did not come out clearly. I like my anonymity, meaning that I do not self-promote. I do not have a website and I rarely use FaceBook. Even when I do visit FB, it is for family and friends, not business. I am not one of those guys that joins every site possible and puts a tagline at the bottom stating all of my “look me up” info. Nor do I start every forum post with “My name is X and I play in X”

I deal with enough of that in the real world, I don’t need it encroaching on my leisure/internet activities. Can you tell that I am old? LOL

I simply want to be able to correct any errors or the occasional omission on my entry. For the most part, I let others add the stuff that they think is worthy of adding. And then I can make corrections as needed as the one true authority of the information.
That simply is because I have seen some horrendous information written on various sites (not just about me). It’s nice to be able to correct it.

But, like I said, it is up to others to promote me. I just do cleanup.

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Thank you.
Then I will wait until I am no longer a limited user.

To become a normal user you just need to wait another week for your account to be old enough and your edits to have been applied.
The requirements for this are:

  • Verify your email address
  • Have 10 accepted edits
  • Account active for more than 2 weeks

Ah, yeah, that’s a bit simpler than what I was thinking; I’m used to people having online personas they try to keep separate from real life. And we’ll welcome any corrections you want to make! Even before the profile restriction is lifted, if you see anything you want to fix, feel free to keep doing so. We’ll trust you with just a note on the edit. :wink: Hope you enjoy your time here!