Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-05-22

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-05-22

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Move meeting time
  • Collection spam

















A bit of discussion on this ensued. Most support for a 5-scale but using a 100-scale in the backend, similar to MusicBrainz, for ease of possible transitioning. However, it should also possibly be brought up as its own agenda item if @psolanki wants to discuss it further.

Move meeting time

Proposed new meeting time would be two hours earlier, so anchored at 19:00 CE(S)T instead of 21:00 CE(S)T (or 18 UTC during European winter, 17 UTC during European summer), which would put it at 10 AM on the US west coast which is pretty much the earliest we can go. Two hours earlier will put the meeting at 22:30 in India, while the current/previous time is half past midnight for Indians.

There was almost unanimous agreement, with only @SothoTalker voicing dislike for the new time. @Freso was assigned to update the meeting wiki/doc page.

Collection spam

Some discussion followed. @Gentlecat suggested putting limits on creation of collections instead of on viewing of them, which @bitmap followed up on and suggested «1b) block editing the description field for new users + users without a confirmed email». @yvanzo (re‐)suggested «We could disable “ Allow other users to see this collection” for limited users.»

It was decided to go with @Freso’s and @yvanzo’s suggestion of disabling public collections for limited users.

Where do I disclaim my identity?

Note! Next Monday, May 29th, and all Mondays going forward, the Monday MetaBrainz meeting will happen two hours earlier than it’s used to. See for the current meeting time/details.

Also, the decision taken about “Collection spam” was partially reverted/changed during an informal IRC meeting/session/discussion on Tuesday. Discussion/talk starts from