Where can I find my MBID?


Dear MB’s,
I have just joined MB’s and I have updated my profile and inputted data for my new EP release.
I would now like to find out what my MBID is so I can confirm this on my BBC Introducing data.
I wondered if anyone can help confirm where I can find my MBID?


You can find the MBID in the details tab of your artist page, in your case here. You’ll notice the MBID is also a part of the URL for each entity.

By the way, have you read the BBC landing page?


You should add all the social media links you can (I’ve added the ones I could find).

BBC Music uses our identifier so now you have added an entry in musicbrainz you can take that ID and open up the bbc music entry.


Thank you very much for the clarification - it’s very much appreciated!


Thank you for adding the social media links - it’s appreciated!
That’s amazing that the BBC uses the MB identifier, and I understand that I now don’t need to contact the BBC and ask them to create a BB music entry for columninches! (ass it already exists.)
Thanks also for including the BBC link - it’s great that the page includes all my URL links!

However, I’m confused as to how the public might search and find this page from the BBC site?- I tried putting columninches into the ‘search’ function and nothing came up?
I wondered if you could please confirm how this works?
I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi again - I wondered how I could remove my Soundcloud link from my artist information, and instead add my Bandcamp page: https://columninches.bandcamp.com
I look forward to hearing from you.


I’m not sure how often the bbc rebuild their search indexes.
Musicbrainz used to rebuild the search indexes every few hours until a few months ago.


There’s no limit to the amount of links you can add to your artist page. If you click on the edit tab you can just add your Bandcamp page in the External Links section. Why would you want to remove your SoundCloud page?


Thanks, but I wondered where you got the BBC link from - did that come from the MB website?
As I understand I now have a BBC ‘Artist’ page, but I can’t find ‘columninches’ in the BBC artists?
Have you got any suggestions?


The bbc uses our artist id so you just need to get the base url and add the id.
So you can go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/ + MBID and see the bbc music page for that artist.


Thanks - I copied your link and added my MBID to the search bar and then found my page.
I’m still confused as to how a ‘fan’ who hears me played on BBC 6 Music would find my ‘columninches’ Artist page?
If they go to the general BBC Artist’s page they won’t have my MBID, so how will they find me?
And if they type ‘columninches’ into either of the search bars nothing comes up?

Do you think I need to contact the BBC and ask if they can add ‘columninches’ to their Artist’s page so that it appears after a search by the public?

Any thoughts appreciated!


Maybe I’m wrong, but you have to wait another 5 days (max.) until the addition of your entry will be approved?

Or some of the AutoEditors can speed up the voting (aka as “wait for approval”) process?


When you search a website, most of the time you are not searching the site’s database, you’re searching the index of that database. Usually, the indexes are rebuilt on a periodic basis, like every night, every 6 hours, every three days or something like that. It looks like the BBC is just on a slow schedule for rebuilding indexes, so it should show up in the search after a couple of days.


Your page is now visible (3 yes votes, edit applied):

The search by artist name not yet…


Hi - thanks for your reply.
I shall wait for 5 days as you suggest and check again.

In the meantime can you confirm - if my entry is approved, will I then have a ‘columninches’ Artist page added at the BBC (which I assume the public could search for on the BBC website)?


Hi - thanks for your reply and I’ll try again later!


Yes, that’s the way it should be.
You can find your currently open edits, waiting for approval.


Thank you for your feedback - I was thinking of prioritising my content on the major streaming platforms (and online music companies such as Bandcamp).
I’ll do some more reading-up on Soundcloud.


Thank you for your cover art uploads!

Do you have any special reason to choose your artistname “columninches” without the “:” between column and inches?
Maybe you want to add an Alias for “column:inches”?


Actually, @columninches, all covers show exactly column:inches so your artist should be renamed to that, IMO.