Where are the Liner Notes

Hi all,

Some (most!) of my download purchases don’t come with the PDF versions of the liner notes that would normally accompany my CD purchases. On the latter, I scan the liner notes and add them to my music library so they appear along side the music during Roon playback (it’s really nice to have the complete package).

Is there an efficient way to search MusicBranz for digital copies of liner notes?


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Look up your digital Release in the database, then step back up to the Release Group. And hunt from there. Some releases will have full booklets attached in JPEG\PNG format.

I don’t know of a way to automate this. There are a few Userscripts that will add a number to the Covers page on the Release showing how much art is there, but don’t know if one exists that would show you these numbers at Release Group level.

What you really want is these numbers appear on the Release Group page and it would speed up your search.

Something like this userscript at least lets you skip all those with zero art. (And makes everything look prettier) Display cover arts in MusicBrainz pages: “mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS”


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depending on the music you’re purchasing, there may be liner notes elsewhere, like in a text file or word document in the download, or perhaps on the artist’s Bandcamp page. this is true for much of my music library, but for what it’s worth, I’ve got a lot of newer releases, and often there’s no physical release to scan.

this of course depends on what kind of music you’ve got.

I think this is actually built into the website now, actually. it shows how many items on the tab itself, no need to go into it:


AhHA!! Good stuff. That speeds some of this up as only look at releases where that number is over four.

I rarely buy digital media, so not a good one to talk. Lack of books and credits is another thing that puts me off.



Did you know that you are a rare gem?

Please consider adding your scans to MusicBrainz so that humanity can benefit from your hard work :grin:
(plus, it’s an excellent image backup - free, unlimited storage…)

Please post here if you want a hand with anything.


At the risk of stating the obvious, liner notes and other images such as cover art (front, back) etc are all stored under the Cover Art tab.

Images are categorised by ‘type’…