What to do with an nameless medium?

I have a release produced by Network Music LLC that is not titled. I searched Discogs with my hub info and found this release>https://www.discogs.com/Network-Music-Ensemble-Classical-Sketches/release/5882097

It has a title “Classical Sketches”. It was also produced by Network Music for “The Pottery Barn”. My medium appears to have the same 10 tracks with the same track times (checked using EAC), and when played I recognized that each recording on my disc matches the recordings on the Discogs listing and in the same order. My medium artwork is completely different. There is no track list on the medium. I have no other art work.

My conclusion is that Network Music LLC offered this to several companies to sell at their locations or give to their clients. My medium appears to be something a pharmaceutical rep would have given to Doctors, pharmacies, medical clinics etc . The front of my medium displays Bayer Pharmaceutical Division, Smithkline Beecham and Baycol cerivastatin sodium tablets. My matrix shows C2 502677-01 IPC/CA USA *CA39731 NET 128 with IFPI L892 IFPI 3L0A.

I would like to have displayed the medium here but I just don’t know how yet. So, this seems to be an official release and has probably been released in dozens of different medium art styles for different clients. I was going to go ahead and add it as a release but if I had to delete it, I would have been scolded by the hall monitor. Is this something I need to add to MB or just keep for myself? If entered, should it be listed as promotional? The unknown performing ensemble is pretty good and the adaptation of the scores is okay.


What is the hub info? The CD matrix?

If the only printed info is Network Music LLC, then it can be used as both the artist and release title, I think.
Link to discogs entry, they did good job, apparently.

Or maybe the discogs edit history is apparently good enough for you to use what artist they found out.
User the annotation to explain how info was found and by who (discogs user name), etc.

Take another look at my original post for hub & matrix. :wink:

I would always add interesting stuff like this!!
Personally if ‘Classical Sketches’ is a good title for the release I would import the Discogs release and then add your release to that group, propbably as an [untitled] release. At least then there’s something for people to search for.
With all aliases, annotations, and disambiguations that might be helpful/interesting!


Will add and apply all known info with art. Should this be a “promotional” release? Thanks.


Yes, promotional, absolutely.

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Thanks Llama_lover! Just checking out the release now.

A few questions if you don’t mind - do you know that this came in a gatefold cover, but don’t have it anymore? I’ve changed the medium to also be ‘front’ so it shows on the release page to help distinguish releases.
Do you mind if I make some changes to the annotation, to make it read less like an edit note and more like a impartial source of known information?
Also, wondering how others feel about this, but I am tempted to name the release ‘Baycol: Cerivastatin Sodium Tablets’ (lol!) based on the cover of the medium. Definitely not ‘Classical Sketches’ since it doesn’t appear on there.

Do you mind if I make some edits? Cheers, esp. for scans!! Adding fingerprints to something like this could be particularly very useful too, since the name and track titles might not help someone find it.

I love these kinds of weird releases :wink:


I would welcome seeing how this should be presented on MB. This medium was part of a bundle I bought from a yard sale. It didn’t even have a case of any kind. It was a stroke of luck that I matched some of the matrix info on Discogs. I can’t wait to see how you handle it! :joy: