CD anatomy

I still don’t understand what you call the hub.
It is not something I know yet.

Hi, it could be a misnomer on my part but I have always called the center of the CD or the center of the vinyl a “hub” [the area around the spindle]. This is where I find the matrix and other identifying info. You may know and identify this area as the Matrix.

EDIT: I submitted the Discogs release then added my release.

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The hub is the clear plastic area at the center of a CD. Some people also include the mirror band (where matrix information is usually written) in their definition of a “hub”.

I usually refer to these pages for CD anatomy:


@Llama_lover - I just saw your annotation on that release. Please help us that don’t live in the USA and put dates in a more MB standard way. Unless you have a time machine I don’t know how you have done something on 1/10/20 which is the First of October 2020. :rofl:

Either write 10 Jan 2020. Or the MB guidelines lean towards the standard of 2020-01-10.

Dates can cause a world of confusion.


When Doc gets back, I’ll jump in the DeLorean and fix it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wasn’t aware of the cornfusion so thanks for letting me know.

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You can get away with it at the end of the month as then it is 1/30/20 and less to be confused by for us non-USAians.

Date could get more confusing. I’ve seen it happen on titles for gigs!

For example, when is 11/10/12 ?

Is that 11th October 2012? 10th November 2012? 12th October 2011? 12th November 2010? :rofl: :crazy_face: All of those work depending on which side of the pond you are on.

At least use four digits for the year. As it is also quite possible you have nipped in from 1920 now you have that DeLoran up and running. That car would certainly help for some of the research.

And to avoid all this - I would put your edit note slap into the annotation. Makes is easier to find. The annotation is specifically for explaining the oddities on a release.

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Whew, just got back from telling Columbus to follow the second star on the right and straight on till morning. :canoe: I fixed the date and added notes to annotations. Tips & tricks are always welcome and appreciated. TTFN


Much clearer now as to why it is different. It also means people not logged in can understand the difference too.

The one last thing I’d do is trim the disambiguration.

As the MBID you are referring to is in the same Release Group, I’d use a simple:

(alternate cover)

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(Except for Artwork it is similar to this MB release>ht tps://

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