What is the correct album title for LateNightTales?

I’ve found this:

Here the album title seems to be “LateNightTales: Lindstrom”, whereas there’s no such title on discogs.com -->
Also on the official LNT website, the title seems to be without the artist name.
Would it be correct now to change it to only “LateNightTales”?



It seems you’re right, and it’s not the only one in the series.


Thanks for your reply.
So what should I do about it?

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For example: You can edit the release, removing the artist name from the title, and check the also edit release group title at the same time. :slight_smile:

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Well hold on. I think there is an argument for having the artist name in the title. For example, that is how it is released on Bandcamp: https://latenighttales.bandcamp.com/

That is also how it is released on streaming services: https://open.spotify.com/search/late%20night%20tales

It will also make it impossible to search for the Late Night Tales you are looking for with a simple string search of your library.

Edit: To add more examples. The official Late Night Tales YouTube also uses that format for the names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIiEil_I4NE&feature=emb_title

Though the official store uses neither. Just lists them by artist name: https://latenighttales.co.uk/collections/the-series

However the tags on these purchases are “Late Night Tales: [Artist]”

Actually, the only place where this format is not respected is Discogs.


We only have the artist name in a title if it is a continuation of other parts of the title. If that makes any sense. Things, such as “The Best of Kripsy” of “Here come The Beatles”, things like that. Unless you can provide artist intent, artist names aren’t to be part of the title.

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Makes sense. I can see that it is hard to have “artist intent” when it is a dj mix series unless listing on stores and streaming services counts as intent. I also checked the CD spine and it is listed as LateNightTales:


So I am convinced. But I will give my protest that it will make searching my library much more annoying. :sweat_smile:


I’m a tiny bit skeptical, because it may have far reaching consequences for many well established series, e.g. Fabric (+ Fabriclive, fabric presents), DJ-Kicks etc.


To me it is obvious that LateNightTales is the name of the series.
Not the name of an album.
Each and every album in that series has a discriminating full album title including the artist name.
(or something like: LateNightTales: The Cover Versions)


That’s was how they used to listed them on Soundcloud.

This is what D. from latenighttales.co.uk told me, as I’ve asked him about what the correct album title is:

"I guess its all subjective … but defiantly the artist name is “Lindstrom” but I guess the album title could be “LateNightTales: Lindstrom” or just “LateNightTales” … whatever fits with your previous tilting of LNT releases :)”

So it’s up to us?!

What is the final decision here?


I’d say “not to break the internet” by starting an avalanche of changes.

Like I posted above, there are more long running dj-mix series that have been titled throughout the years in a similar fashion, that is: “Name of the series: Name of the mixer/compiler/artist”

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I can live with this… as long as it won’t change (like I wanted it to :smiley: hahahah!) :slight_smile:

BTW: how do I quote a message I’m replying to?


… and another thing: how do you replace the “:” in the folder name (I presume that no filesystem is accepting the colon as part of the name)?

Select the fragment you wish to quote and a pop-up will appear :slight_smile:
Like this:

Personally I use _ for all the illegal characters, but that’s just what I’m used to, probably because foobar was using it when renaming files/folders.

There is another convention, to use the Unicode replacement characters, that is the fullwidth counterparts, e.g.:

I’m not necessarily against changing the way we title the mix/compilation series like LateNightTales, I just wanted to advise caution when making a change that will probably turn into a style standard for cases like these :slight_smile:

Thank you :wink:

That’s also what I’m used to, as iTunes is using the same (I’ve completely abandoned iTunes, that’s why I’m now re-ripping my complete 500 CD collection into FLAC to be fed/used by Plex).

I hear you, loud and clear! :slight_smile: I can live with either solution, but I do like standards and standardization and adherence to those.


You could also keep all the files you already ripped with iTunes. I guess their format would be handled by Plex or any other player.

Yes, I know. But that format is ALAC - and I feel more “open” if I use FLAC rather than ALAC :slight_smile:


This is a series and the artist should be in the title, IMHO. I have 13 releases in this series, and there is another, called AnotherLateNight, I have 7 of those. There might be more of them.
I guess the artist is in the title because the content features tracks selected by them… I think those are kind of DJ remixes.


Yeah, there is also LateNightTales presents: …
Those are all great and interesting series.
(I recall them being called ‘The Rolls Royce of compilation albums’ somewhere)

As an added complication, some albums have two versions.
One version that has all tracks (mixes) separately isolated and numbered, and a version with all the tracks faded into each-other as one continuous hour-long track.