"Voting Reports" (pre-set edit searches)

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I was looking at old tickets and thought that one thing I’d like to see is “voting reports”. We have the edit search, which is pretty powerful, but it is also kinda scary / complex. And I thought: what about having a bunch of preset queries, kinda like the reports page, but for edit searches that might be good to review?

Possible examples:

* Well, edits that were opened more than 6 days ago, because we don’t have a closing condition yet, but it should be the same in this case

I’m sure others could come up with other ideas that might be useful. But would people actually use this, or would I be wasting my time coding it? (tbh it wouldn’t take long, since all it is is a static page with edit search links, but still).

We could link to two versions of each search, such as “Open edits with both Yes and No votes (for my subscriptions only)”, but I’m not sure how useful that would be (since only artists and labels can be subscribed to anyway, and the search doesn’t allow querying for “artist OR label is in my subscriptons”).


We can also have a look at our old MusicBrainz dashboard.
We had 6 interesting lists: Edits review dashboard

Hot edits, Need love edits, Expired edits
Recently changed artists, Recently changed releases, Recently changed labels


I like the idea. One thing though… Isn’t your “controversial edits” one a subset of the “Edits with at least 1 No vote” report? Perhaps the second report could be “Edits with at least 1 No vote and no Yes votes” (although I’m also okay with it as it is).


I would be in for this also. I have been using “voting” reports that @paulakreuzer listed in this forum. It would be handy to have your examples [and others] listed in an official manner since many helpful forum tips are forgotten or lost with the passing of time :grey_exclamation:


As Community Manager, I would welcome something like this. While our number of editors are hovering around 1200 active ones/day but slightly (slightly!) increasing over time, our number of voters hover around 100 active ones/day with that number slightly(!) decreasing.(source) Anything that might invite more people to vote (or make the lives easier of those who do easier) would be very welcome. :slight_smile:


I am very much in favor of this.

@chaban and me have our own collections of voting reports on our profile pages here and here, but I guess for most people who don’t vote that much the custom search function is not very straight forward and an official list of pre-defined searches would be great.

Like with the edit reports a toggle for “in my subscriptions” would be great for each report, but also toggles for “my edits” vs “all edits” vs “other people’s edits” and “my votes” vs “all edits” vs “i didn’t vote yet” would be great.

I also hope these reports, or some of them, like the edit reports can be regularly generated instead of just being a search that is performed every time anyone clicks on a report.
This would be especially cool for reports/searches that currently just time out with no results, like this search for historically controversial edits or precedence cases:



For me, a complete non-voter, it’s the same old issue:
Or more generally: MBS-7728: Subscribe to releases

Call me lazy (impolite even!), but honestly most times I get the subscription e-mails, it’s usually some guest vocal featuring artist I added years ago to one track that now has been added/edited as a feature on some other Best of Summer Hits compilation. And it’s really beyond my scope of interest to cater to all that.

Now when it comes to releases, they’re mounting over 11,000 in my library and I’d love them to be tagged perfectly. So yeah, were I to get notified about the entities I do actually possess, I’d cast votes on daily basis :smiley:

It would be cool for edit search (first!) too! :wink:


Like @Skeebadoo, I vote on areas I have knowledge in. And when I have time I spread that out to other areas where I will spend time to research. I try and subscribe to artists I will know about, but there is no point in me trying to vote on something I don’t have knowledge on.

I’ve tried to look at those reports before, but they are too often outside of my knowledge areas. Or it just ends up in some kind of daft argument.

The more that can be made to make those kinds of reports easier to understand the better. Though also make sure it is clear what people are voting on.

Please don’t equate lack of voting with lack of effort.


Same. I don’t often have much time to spend voting, but the few times I’ve waded in, I’ve quickly given up because the ROI of the time I spend figuring out whether an edit is correct would be minuscule. I can add more value to the database in the same amount of time with new edits, even “clean up” edits that have nothing to do with my personal collection.


This may be beyond the scope of what @reosarevok is proposing here, but it would be great to have a way to get more eyes on edits by newbies, especially since the search by applied edit count isn’t usable.


I literally just wrote code to add “editor is a beginner” to the search, so that should help a bit. We might need an index for the applied count of editor search, @Bitmap suggested.


A first go at this is now live at https://musicbrainz.org/vote :slight_smile: (I suspect one or two might actually time out, and we’ll need better indexes for those…).

Let me know if this seems useful, and if it does then let me know what other useful things you’d expect to see there!


Thank you @reosarevok.
However what I really need so bad is still New Edit search condition : edit is [not] in my subscriptions (MBS-7912) to be able to watch my collection edits.
Or alternatively, depending on whichever is easier to do, Edit search: Filter edits by collections (MBS-3922).

As I only review edits from time to time, there are bad edits passing through.

And I would especially need to be able to bookmark an edit search of the type “is in my subscriptions by editor X” (and I have a precise idea of the editor X I need, already). This way I could review this smaller edit list on a more regular basis to avoid unrevertable edits (recording merges).