Edits review dashboard

I remember, pre‐NGS, we used to have a kind of edits review dashboard for voters.

It was bringing attention to some special sets of edits like those with lots of discussion, lots of votes, lack of votes, approaching deadline, etc.
I don’t remember the criteria but some of those dashboard parts were quite useful, to be honest, it’s not only about nostalgia (:wink: @chirlu).

Do you (@Bitmap and @chirlu) think it would be cheap to dig up the feature back?


No. It would require reimplementing from scratch, so it’s not in any way cheaper than any other new feature.

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It could not be properly captured before NGS because it required to be logged in I guess. :sob:

It seems that it could only be captured once pre‐NGS site was put in classic read only mode but then, there was no more dynamic data to it (no more Hot edits, Need love edits nor Expired edits) but it can help guessing what it used to show! :astonished::tada:

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