Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Requesting no votes here, but confirmation on a bunch of merges (to be neither in vain nor lossy) or, if needed, help with sharper tools than those of mine as scriptless regular editor:

  1. Release Landowska Plays Bach had all 35 Track Titles In Start Case and no DiscID. I manually CSG:d Titles by Parser, thereby deleting Track Lengths having entered them anyway with DiscID by Picard. During edit pending, it looked as an OK paradox. Result however has Track Lengths lost to all “?:??”.
  2. I therefore added a new medium with correct Titles and Lengths by parser, set the old one for removal, with system having them automatically reordered.
  3. Recordings on newly added Medium have correct Lengths, but should now be merged into those of the old one, all with Length “?:??”.
  4. If I merge new Recordings into old, will Lengths be lost again? (Lengths should be locked by DiscID, but seem instead locked as “?:??”.) Would merging old into new be preferred? Can someone with sharper tools operate on old recordings to refetch Lengths? I will go over the lot manually again once, then not bother.
Relevant editing history

Edit #58081416 - Reorder mediums
automatically applied
Closed: 2018-12-13 22:37 CET

Edit #58081415 - Remove medium
Expires in 5 days

Edit #58081414 - Add medium
Expires in 5 days

Edit #57852025 - Edit medium (Track Titles for CSG, by parser, cutting Lengths)
Opened: 2018-12-04 21:23 CET
Closed: 2018-12-11 22:00 CET

Edit #57851650 - Add disc ID
automatically applied
Closed: 2018-12-04 21:09 CET

Edit #57851649 - Set track lengths
automatically applied
Closed: 2018-12-04 21:09 CET

(Praeterea censeo the formatting tag format differing between MB editing/annotation/tickets/forum
be recognized as a problem and dealt with as such.)



Noddy is a bit of a mess, but I’ve sorted it out.

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This is clearly Noddy’s career after the children’s TV series dried up… I just worry about what happened to Big Ears.



Can someone please just kick this edit through. A small Xmas pressie for me.

Over a month ago this album came out. Since then I have been caught up in the 7 day delays of correcting the errors of the original entry. (Originally typed in from a promotional email)

This last edit is to correct the fact that there is a hidden track on this album. Listening to the last track will reveal it is two recordings with a 30 second gap.

I’m trying to get this edit into place before people unwrap their Xmas presents and then start ripping this album.



I need some votes to clean up a super confusing pair of siblings. Basically their stage names have a 1 letter difference and they are credited as each other. There are 3 artists here, one is a misnamed duplicate.



Please take a look at these edits that would currently be downvoted. I don’t see why.



I am attempting to remove links that are unclear if they belong to the label or to the artist. But, the artist has given one of them a no vote.

*Depending on your browser, you may need to highlight parts of the site - Black text on black background.



Just got this CD and have a track fix I don’t want to wait too long for, thanks!! :ok_hand:

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I made an edit and missed one in the queue that this one steps all over, so I need it undone fast so as to not mess up the more correct edit. (fixing my mistake) (the more correct edit I stepped all over)

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I interviewed the artist and am in the process of cleaning up his entries on various sites.

Also, because of the name change, I don’t know if these will fail if they are not passed first:

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OK, I stuffed up with this disc (the last one I asked for votes for…), upon looking at the tracks properly it’s even weirder than I thought!
Could I please have votes on these edits:

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I am trying to get this release fixed up. If I could get this edit voted on and pushed through I could move on to adding all the relationships. The edit points the tracks to the recording matching the original album the recording came from which are all listed in the cover-art I uploaded. Thank you

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I am slowly working my way through this 10CD5DVD collection box.

Now, I am getting no votes on these slow edits, which will hinder the overall progress.

I would be really helped if these get passed through, so I can work on the remaining CDs.

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Can I get some assistance to kick this edit through please:

This edit is associating all the tracks on Disc 3 to New recordings. I need that edit to complete so I can then update all those new recordings and set them correctly as “video” as this is a DVD and not a CD.

(I had assumed that a “recording” would ignore the video flag. Technically both the CD and DVD have come from the same source tape. They went back to that 18 year old tape reel to re-record this. So I’ll find some way to link video and audio to each other)


I know there are other issues with the release. I am fixing a release someone else added incorrectly as a unique RG. So there are already 20+ other edits in 7 day limbo to correct that title, merge the RGs, fix apostrophe’s, etc. So before diving in and fixing everything else please check where I have got to. :slight_smile:

I am working from the CD package in my hand. 2 CDs and 1 DVD. Already added a pile of artwork to help get the credits correct.

I am also correcting other mistakes made in the original upload. For example - all those (Live at Brixton Academy) ETIs will be removed.


Extra details:
This is a 25th Anniversary version of the original album on CD1.

On CD2 is a live gig from Brixton Academy. This has been released before as ( Levelling the Land Live ), but this new version is is fresh from the original tape reels again… and that means a few extra tracks.

DVD is the same live gig in video form.


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I’m trying to add the works for but for that I would need to wait that the track title changes I submitted are accepted (unless I want to fill in the track titles by hand), would it be possible to speed it up?


Someone put a founder on this special label.

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