Cleaning up [unknown] Artist Credits

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A lot of well known (and not-so well known) artists have been dumped into [unknown]. So I’ve fixed what I can.


As they are global artist credit edits, we cannot check if it’s correct or if they are cover band albums citing original performers, maybe.


I completely agree, but [unknown] has a giant catalogue and I think it will be easier to find wrongly credited ACs once they are moved to the obvious guess for artists.


It’s why I generally edit per release, not per artists, this avoids many bad guesses.

I’m looking for F. Sinatra stuff for instance and it appears that this AC is not even used apparently — I looked for RG, releases and recordings — it does not appear in drop down box in filter selection. It is not either in relationships.

  • Not in release groups (no need for my special search URLs as it does not even appear in artist credit filter drop down list)
  • Not in releases (no need for my special search URLs as it does not even appear in artist credit filter drop down list)
  • Not in recordings (no need for my special search URLs as it does not even appear in artist credit filter drop down list)
  • Not in relationships
  • Not in tracks either — we can find them when they exist I can’t check tracks, cf. this post

Could we have an automatic cleanup of unused artist credits, it’s not only on [unknown] I already seen some in real artists sometimes (but hard to spot by humans).

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My understanding is that unused credits are automatically removed, but not all credit uses are obvious. For instance, you can’t search tracks for anything, credits included.

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I think we can: Onmyo-za is only used as track AC here.

Oh no, it should have been but the AC went down to the recording actually…
I confirm that artist credit track search seems impossible as this Onmyo-za link would have found tracks from Rivalry / Lamentation and from Inyo-shugyoku if it had wroked.

Maybe this AC search and cleanup discussion can be extracted from this topic.
I still think these track artist credit (if they are) could come from random cover band albums and I think global artist credit edits are not really safe used this way.

Here is my comment to MBS-4548 “Aliases/Edit artist credit page has no link to see what uses the artist credits”:

Artist credits How currently
Relationships In Artist’s Relationships tab’s Credited As column
Recordings In Artist’s Recordings tab’s Filter’s Artist credit drop down list
Tracks Impossible
Releases In Artist’s Releases tab’s Filter’s Artist credit drop down list
Release groups In Artist page’s Filter’s Artist credit drop down list

What did I miss?

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I believe currently the best way to find the actual places where these ACs are used is to find editors who use [unknown] for knowable artists and then filter their edits for [unknown]. Two examples: 1 2


… or just oportunistic edit at release level. :slight_smile:

Some of what you appear to be editing are Artists from my not favourite Release of all time.

This instrumental, easy listening jazz album by an unknown ?saxophone/big band group? has cover art credits that conforms (mainly) to the CSG.
(Though F. Sinatra never wrote New York.)

Perhaps the approach I took was all wrong.
But for whatever reasons I treated the artists on the coverart as wrongly attributed performers and so used (I think) “unknown credited as Famous Songwriter”.
I could try to drag reosarevok into the mess but I really can’t remember clearly why I did this. :sunglasses:

It may be of interest for the db people to consider how future editors could be made aware of why “unknown credited as Famous Artist” has happened.

That it has happened with the Artists on the CA of this Release raises the possibility that the others you have found are also “Unknown incorrectly attributed to Famous Artist”.

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Good guess there jesus2099!

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Corrections for all the artists on Music for Millions have been entered.

No @CyberSkull.
As @mmirG said we are exactly in the case I told as argument as to not edit global artist credit for unknown:

Please cancel your edits because @mmirg said this was unknown artist(s) performing famous songs (cover band albums citing original performers).

@CyberSkull, you should not only cancel edits to this release but all edits, IMO, for the reason that the same case may occur for many [unknown]’s AC.

This is less like a conventional cover album (given we don’t know who did the cover) and more like a case of a classical style album. Changing the credits to the actual artists is more correct than leaving an alias in place on [unknown] and doesn’t do anything to make the track listings more accurate. I also think it would be easier to find our needles if we move some hay out of the [unknown] pile and into the artists’ where more editors familiar with them can see it.

That all said I’m open to any edits that improve the accuracy of the information.

I don’t agree it’s CSG but even if it was, you are changing all recording artists to supposedly composers instead of performers.
So either way, the edits are simply wrong.

The only good way to fix this kind of things is to edit at release level (done).

But then when someone wants to fix it they will put it back to [unknown], without AC this time.

It would be more efficient if we had a way to show where they are used and fix the releases in one step instead of this first step that makes wrong assumption them an hypothetical second step with research.

Until then, I feel it’s safer and more easily future fixed to leave them in [nknown].

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As Kid Devine pointed out edit #59559131 there are more of CyberSkulls edits that are highly problematic…
“As made famous by - original artist mentioned for reference”
Please CyberSkull cancel your edits


I don’t want to discourage people from cleaning up SPAs like [unknown], but this is really a bad way of doing it. I agree with @jesus2099 that these things should be edited on a per-release basis.


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Global cleanup is the only way to do it when the credit in question is only on a track.

But we cannot know if it’s 1 or 1000 tracks, each one may not need the same kind of fix.

If we know which track, we can apply the appropriate release fix based on its edit history.

The proper fix depends of the release. Sometimes it’s an [unknown] cover artist so we should not move [unknown] artist track to covered artist in those cases (like what’s done here globally) but to remove the AC that hides [unknown] (not an imperious necessity IMO) and more importantly to link recording to matching work.

We can’t really do global fixes because it depends of the releases and one edit history can be used on various kinds of releases.

Global fix can be ok I think for typo fix or applying typographic characters instead of typewriter characters.