User collections link not working?

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

When I click on the link on a release page: Found in x user collections, it no longer takes me to a page listing the users. Instead it takes me to the Overview page. Is it just me, or just Chrome, or is everyone seeing it?


No, same for me. Also on artists pages.

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@yvanzo @Bitmap, the entity pages now link to collection NG instead of collections OK.

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This is known and fixed (for the next release).


Is that the same reason why in my Chome based (Vivaldi) browser the menu My Menu > Edits for Subscribe Entries is also not working?

That one works for me on Chrome / Linux :slight_smile: (but no, the issue with the collections link was just an error when converting to React).

I’m also using Vivaldi 2.1.1337.36 (Stable channel) (64-bit). does work for me.
Maybe you have checked Only show open edits option and have already voted to all open edits, there.
They disappear in this case.

Oh actually, you know that: :wink:

@reosarevok @jesus2099 it is a little weird… clicking the link works, but for some bizarre reason the menu just ignores me. Just the one item. Happened for a couple of days. Obviously, now we are talking about it, the issue has gone away. :smiley:

I would select the item, and nothing happened. No page started loading. Nothing. Any other option worked quick. Ditto the link once I had bookmarked it.

I am wondering if it was just a long stall before the page started to load caused by something I am blocking… or a borked DNS lookup.

So please ignore this oddity. I was ignoring it myself and only this thread made me mention it…

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I see, so adding an ‘s’ to the end of the address works. I’ll just use that as a workaround until the fix gets pushed to producion.

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