Strange issue on the main website "Edits for Your Subscribed Entities"

Not sure where “Website Bugs” should go. So I’ll post this here.

When I login to the MB site I use the menus to go to “My Data > Edits for Your Subscribed Entities

I glance over what is going on. If there is something of note I may well vote on it and add a comment.

BUT once I do that the edit disappears from this list. I then have to chase into my profile and find the link to “View” files I have voted on. (Especially if a conversation has started about the voting comment)

1\ Why do things I comment and\or vote on disappear from the “My Data > Edits for Your Subscribed Entities” list?

There is no point in me giving an example as it will only be relevant to my profile. It is very easy to reproduce though. Just go to that list and vote on something. Then return to the list and notice that everything you have voted on is now missing.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature - this is a page specifically meant for reviewing stuff you haven’t yet seen, so once you have dealt with an edit, it puts it away so that you only see the ones you haven’t interacted with yet.

Now, it might be that people think it’s a bad feature :slight_smile: In which case, we can always consider either changing it or making it optional.


I get it being a feature, but why then does that page view default to all edits subscribed to (i.e. including ones ‘closed’ to me) so that I have to check the ‘Only show open edits’ box to sort out those ‘open’ to vote? And, since I can re-vote, should that box not say something else than “Only show open edits”, for instance “Only show edits open to my vote”?

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Haha - yeah. I expected that reply. More of those undocumented features us noobs get confused by as we missed the forum discussion. :smiley:

The problem is that its not very logical in its name. I’ve often missed out on conversations on something I voted on as I hadn’t expected it to disappear. It wasn’t obvious that “Subscribed” and “Voted” are different concepts.

Or, put another tick box at the top that says “Include items I have voted on”?

OR maybe it would be clearer if a menu was added that say “Show edits I have voted on”. If that sat underneath “Show edits I have subscribed to” then it would be much clearer that these are separate groups.

(I don’t always go into my profile as I am not one of those who need to see the “score” :wink: )

It is a “My Data” menu, so surely “Show edits I have voted on” make sense on that menu?

Before taking time to change this, I think it would be great to have a proper search edit filter on subscriptions.
Then with that, you can create any link you like, especially for those special subscribed pages.

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@Jesus2099 I think your search request looks like a totally different type of issue. Clearly more of a time consuming change to the page. I can see the need of something as complex as your request for the editors who have been here a long time. I am just asking about something really simple.

I am guessing it was the long term editors who requested the “feature” to remove voted on items from the subscribed list. I guess I am not the only noob who missed out on conversations on voted items because of this oddity.

This is why I am suggesting just a simple menu edit to have a menu item on My Data that shows My Votes. I would expect that to be a simple database look-up and feels like something that is really missing from the main My Data menu.

I would also think it would make it clearer to people that voting matters.

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Do you know that you have that votes link on your profile page?
You can bookmark it in your favourites, until you get something better. :slight_smile:
You could also use:

Yes, I know votes are viewable on the profile page. That’s not the point.

From the My Data menu I can look at what edits I have open, I can look at what edits have been made to subscribed items, but the moment I vote on something I have to go chasing off on a different menu. Something a noob would not know to go do. And took me a long time to realise what was going on.


Not unrelated as this filter is missing for the cool edit search system, anyway, and the more pages that can use the edit system instead of having specific search code, the better for maintainability.

I’m all for advanced searches which supply all the tricks for advanced users. I agree with you for the need of that. But that also takes developer time.

My post here was about how the new users see this place. It is incredibly complex at MB. I think the long term users forget that. There is HUGE power underneath the bonnet, but it takes a long time to learn it all and make best use of it. This place it unlike many other websites, with added confusion that many of the methods and details are in the forum and not the documentation.

My post was about helping the new users. Those menus up there make it quicker and clearer for noobs to get at the important data. It helps to suck us into how the site works. Which is why it is so comical that the moment I vote on something it disappears from these lists. Something that is not clear to a noob.

If there was a menu option of “Show edits I have voted on” then there would be more people voting as there is a more obvious link to show them that is the point. And then once they get their head around that, then they can head to the profile and find different filters. Or go into the more advanced search filters that you require.

Everyone has to start at a simple level though. :slight_smile:

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One last thing and then I’ll drop this. What I find most comical with the “My Data” menu is the stalkers filter is on the menu, but not the My Votes one.

So those editors stalking and harassing other editors can click “Edits by Subscribed Editors” and check-up on people. (I can’t work out how that can be termed “My Data” - surely that is “other people’s data”?) :smiley:

Yeah - makes me laugh. :joy: This is a comical place when looked at from the outside in.

Going off topic here, I know, but do you mean “those editors trying to make sure wrong data is not entered, and to help the new users understand how stuff should work”? Because that’s what user subscriptions are :slight_smile:

I don’t subscribe to anyone except paid BBC editors nowadays, but when I did there was always three kinds of editors I subscribed to: new editors with good intentions but who messed up sometimes (to help them), bad editors who refused to follow the guidelines at all (to fix their messes and/or stop good data becoming worse), and seemingly good editors whose edits to follow to make sure if they should be proposed to become auto-editors :slight_smile:


Yeah, I do understand the stalker system. And see the point of it, but it is still unsettling knowing people are watching. Especially the anonymous stalker I have.

It wouldn’t be so weird if there was a PM system that allowed us to talk to them to understand what their concerns are. Instead they just lurk there, rarely doing anything positive like helping with positive votes.

Surely that is an example of something that should be in the profile instead of the menus? As it is not “My Data”, it is more a case of “My Concerns”? Where as “My Votes” is more specific to “My Data” and has a more positive welcoming “please be part of us” type feel?

It makes it look like Stalking is a priority over Voting.

Ignore me. This isn’t a complaint. Just observation. :slight_smile: Trying to be positive here. And letting you get some feedback why this user doesn’t add as much new data here as he planned to.

This was supposed to just be a request to make it easier to see what I have been voting and commenting on.

You can send them an e-mail via the profile page. E.g. on you can click the “send email” link to send me some message.


We do not promote stalking. Please read @reosarevok’s answer again.

However, reviewing (other people’s) edits is a priority, whether focused on a specific entity or specific editors. One of the “classes” of editors I follow are editors that I know do pretty much 95+% “good” edits, so I can quickly see, review and then vote on their edits. Reviewing other people’s edits is not in opposition to voting—it’s a part of it. (In fact, I’d be inclined to say that voting is a part of reviewing edits more than the other way around. You shouldn’t vote on an edit you haven’t reviewed, but you can review an edit without voting on it.)

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Can we drop the stalking conversation? I had a bad afternoon when that post went in, I had had a frustrating day, and now it seems to be all that anyone wants to reply to. Sorry for my choice of words.

Is no one interested in the actual point of this original post? A simple request to get quicker access to “Show edits I have voted on” on the My Data menu. In those votes the conversations are the most important part. Due to the strange way the “edits by subscribed editors” hides anything one tries to comment on it does make following conversations tricky. I was trying to be positive with a suggestion that would help people take part more.


Email is probably the best way to follow conversations on other people’s edits. Check the options under the preferences menu.

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I guess that is my problem. I get too many emails to my main mailboxes as it is. :smiley: So I have limited the email coming from MB and send it to an account I rarely look at. This is why I rely on those menus more than average.

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Those kinds of requests should really be submitted to

For now you can bookmark the links from your profile page to make them more easily accessible for you.


BTW @IvanDobsky, just in case you find it useful.
If you want to follow more closely what edits are done on your subscriptions, you can use LAST_SEEN_EDIT that shows you what edits from this that entity you have already seen and what not (it’s in SUPER TURBO script).

It works well in my case where I only subscribe to the CD I own.
It might not be perfect for artist subscribers, or actually, why not.

And as it is not even perfect for me and my collection oriented editing/voting, I will soon make a script to Mark release as reviewed and correct (red light when further edits).

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