Undoing a recording merge

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Last year, a mass merge accidentally merged two recordings that should have stayed separate. I tried editing a release (one of several containing this track) and adding a new recording, but because the edit is queued, I couldn’t find a way to access the newly created recording to add relationships and link it to other releases.

So I cancelled that edit, with the idea that I could just create a new recording and then hook everything up. But if I create a “standalone recording” and then link it to releases, will that have any unintended side-effects?

Maybe it would be better to redo my original edit, and then just ask for it to be quickly approved/up-voted?

In these cases we should look at what was the release this oldest recording was added for:

It was added for In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain, Vol. 3.
Then deduce which releases (the releases that contain a different recording than In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain, Vol. 3) should be edited to point to a new recording or to another existing recording.

You can create the standalone recording instead of letting release editor do it.
This way you can further edit the new recording without waiting for one week.
It’s the best solution IMO.

If you know what relationships, acoustids and isrcs are wrong on https://musicbrainz.org/recording/feac2998-9f48-4e86-85f3-aaac493a18ab you can remove them and add what you can to new recording.