Try to add more external links to artist page but does not work, can somebody please help me?


Hello everybody, happy Saturday :slight_smile:

I am trying to add external links official youtube channel
and official facebook page

to my artist page at the overview-edit page:

in the field “add another link”, but nothing happens after I hit the Enter Edit button…??? Could somebody help please? Thanks a lot!

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Make sure that the URL you paste in the field does not trigger an error message.
Otherwise, it might be a bug, could you please post these URLs here then?


@Yvanz thank you to be here today on a Saturday for help :slight_smile: Yep I can give you the url’s I want to link to:




I hope you can help me how to put them in the artist page, and also I would like to add a picture at the right side of the artist page but found no clue how to to that either…

Thank you so much for your help @Yvanz :smile:


Avoid linking to websites’ search pages. You probably want to link directly to the related artist page on Google Play? Facebook and YouTube URLs should not be an issue, is it still the case?


Wow thank you @Yvanz for finding my Official Google Play Page :sunny: I just updated my homepage with the correct link, but I still cannot enter the following external links to my page here at MB :worried: facebook, youtube and google, even though I entered them one at a time, none of those links show up, only still my homepage is displaying at the right side of my MB page:

I did the editing in the page

at the field “add another link” is it a bug?? :confused:

UPDATE: could it be that I have to check the checkbox saying: “Please select the artist credits that you want to rename to follow the new artist name” ??? I am afraid to do so, because it says NEW artist name and there is no new artist name… getting more confused… :confused: :confused:


I went ahead and edited your Artist page to include the links to Facebook, Youtube, and Google Play Music. I didn’t have any problems.

One hint: paste the URL (the web link) into the right-hand text box for the link, before you select a link type from the left. For some URLs, e.g. Facebook and Youtube, MusicBrainz is clever enough to set the link type from the format of the URL. If you select a link type that conflicts with what MusicBrainz expects from the URL, MusicBrainz will not accept the edit.

I hope this is helpful.


Thank you so much @Jim_DeLaHunt for editing my page and for your tip how to add another link! I finally now have discovered how to do it: I have to wait until at the left of the new link that I paste in the “add a link” field, the type of link shows up. Am going to try now, to add a picture to my page.

Hmmmmmmm :unamused: the link to the picture and also the link to the page where to buy the CD now do show up at this page

below the heading in orange “Relationships”, but… they do not show up at the right side of the page… while the links that you @Jim_DeLaHunt added, do show up at the right side of the page.

Do you know how I can make the picture-link and the buy CD-link show up at the right side of the page?


Hey Anita,
the links have already been added for you, but for future reference (and if others stumble upon this thread), here’s me adding some links:

Most of these sites/URLs were automatically were automatically assigned a type, but the last one I had to select one (most common is ‘official homepage’).

If something different happened to you, doing the same thing as I was doing in the gif above, let us know, because that would be strange :slight_smile:


Hey Simon! :smiley: Thank you so much for making that gif-animation tutorial, you are the best! However, I experience different steps:

  1. I add the new link in the add link field, but nothing happens at the left side of the link field.
  2. I have to go to the top link, in my case my homepage, and there in the drop down box click the appropriate type of link for the new link to be added, e.g. social networking, otherwise nothing at all happens (step 3 won’t show up)
  3. after 5 minutes of waiting, then from itself finally the drop down menu box shows up at the left of the last link that I added. So then I choose the appropriate link type in that drop down menu.
  4. Then I have to go back to the drop down box at my top link, to set it back to the type “homepage”
  5. Then finally I can hit the Enter Edit button
  6. Then the new link does show up on my page below the orange heading “Relationships”, but it does NOT appear on the right side of the page, while the links that Jim added earlier, do show up on the right side of the page.

I use Internet Explorer, am going to try to edit with Chrome now, perhaps it solves the problems? Be back in a while, after testing.

:disappointed: I just come back from testing with Chrome browser, but no difference. My OS is Windows 7 Professional, could that perhaps be the problem?

At below gif animation you can see:

  1. how edit page looks after adding links and before hitting Enter Edit
  2. After hitting Enter Edit you can see no picture showing up also no new links showing up
  3. At orange heading Relationships the new added links do show up


Check the version of your browser against the list of supported browsers. That might be the source of the editing issues you experienced.


Thanks @Yvanz :slight_smile: I user Internet Explorer 11 and that is the right version I understand from the documentation you linked to, for editing while being logged in… sigh… hope my issues can be solved as it is getting frustrating, seeing other things than other members see…
Oh and my Chrome version is 53.0.2785.143 but it does not help using Chrome…
Am going to check out now my laptop that has OS Windows 10 perhaps that one will see what you see… be back soon!


Note that not all of external links show up in the sidebar anyway, here is another example:


Note that not all URL relationships will get shown in the sidebar. There are a lot of open tickets about adding more links/URLs to it:"add+(links+OR+urls)+sidebar"+OR+description+~+"add+(links+OR+urls)+sidebar")+AND+resolution+%3D+Unresolved


Just came back from my laptop testing with Windows 10 editing my artist page

but no differences or improvements. New links still do not show up in side bar of the page, while @Jim_DeLaHunt yesterday easily could add them to the side bar of my page.

Thank you @Yvanz :slight_smile: for sending the example of the artist that also has no picture at the right side bar, but, that artist also has no picture link at the relationships page, while I do have that picture link at my relationships page.
Thank you @Freso :slight_smile: for showing us that there are a lot of open tickets about the issue!

Could it be, that the site works better with a Mac pc? I cannot test because I do not own such a pc.

I just wish that someone with a compatible PC to this website, could make my new links and my picture show up at the side bar…


You misunderstand what @Yvanz and I are telling you: the MusicBrainz server code does not generate links in the sidebar for all links. It has nothing to do with the browser or operating system you’re using. The sidebar links aren’t created by the server. They’re still there in the relationships, and they will still be returned when people look up the artist using the web service (or direct SQL queries).

If you want an artist image to show up, you’ll have to release it under a free license (e.g., a Creative Commons one) and upload it to Wikimedia Commons and then add a link to that image on MusicBrainz. (@reosarevok might be able to talk more about that process, maybe. I know he answers that question a lot in our support mail anyway. :slight_smile: )

For the other links, your best bet is to create a ticket on - but it might well not happen anytime soon.


I’m sorry @Yvanz and @Freso for not fully understanding what your meant!

Will investigate about how to upload a picture to Wikimedia Commons!

Thank you so much Yvan and Freso for your help, I appreciate so much! :sweat_smile: