How do I report spam?

Help! There is a spammer on my post in the MusicBrainz forum and he is redirecting my post to his online play poker website! I like to report but do not know how, I am a newbie here… please help!!

Just flag it as spam (with the flag icon under the post) and move on.


Also, I try to read over everything in the forum at least once a day, so even if no one marks something as spam, I will usually see it eventually - of course, if people do flag it as spam, it’ll be one of the first things I look into when opening up the forums and it’ll get dealt with a tad sooner. (Also, if enough people flag a post as spam, it’ll get hidden until an admin (e.g., myself) gets around to look at it.)

TL;DR: What @chirlu said. :slight_smile:


Thanks @chirlu and @Freso for the comments and thank you @Freso for removing the spammer from my post!! :joy: