Tracklist order is wrong (i have the album) but i can't edit it?

I’m trying to edit the tracklist order as they’ve been inputted wrong at some point on this album:

but i keep getting an error saying i cant change it “this medium has more than one discid which prevents this information from being changed” anyone know how to get around this and correct the track order?

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welcome to the community, @Sirromz!~

that’s interesting, I’ve never seen that message before… I can see the tracklist on MusicBrainz is different than the back cover scan included, seemingly track 3 got moved there from track 6 (and perhaps others further down the list)

looking at the original edit, there may have been some confusion about the tracklist and this same error, actually… I can’t quite tell for certain what happened to the release @muddipanda added, because that’s listed in the same edit history, but if I’m reading it correctly, it looks like that release might have got “corrected” and merged into the release you linked…

does the tracklist for your release match the back cover scan and the linked Discogs release? with the Silence remix on track 3 instead of track 4?

(I’ll leave some notes on the merge edits, see if we can get some input from the original editors~) @dj_judas21, @221bbs, @fmera seem pretty active in the merge and/or might have a copy of the release?

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First make sure that you have exactly this MOSCD343 edition.

Including with the past editors, like @UltimateRiff.

Then here is how to swap tracks, if recordings in themselves are correct (correct AcoustID user data and duration, correct ISRC, title, duration, etc.):

the (possible) issue here is the tracklist can’t be changed with the arrows on the Tracklist tab, it gives this pop-up when you hover over the arrows, and they don’t function


this could maybe be done by copy-pasting the track titles and track artists from each track to the correct position, but that could be tricky, even for some experienced editors

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The main point that causes the error message is attempting to change the track lengths. Just cut\paste track titles and manually fix the artist.

OR if lots of tracks, open the Track Parser and use that window to do the cut and pastes in. And then don’t set the track times.

I’ll often copy out to Notepad++ when I see an issue like this to fix.

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Yes yes, exactly, as you say:

Instead of 1. Swap tracks in Tracklist tab, I should have said Swap the track titles (manually by cut paste the text from one text field to the other).

Instead of 2. Swap recordings in Recordings tab I should have said Reassign the recordings to match the teenage tracks (you can copy paste the recording URL to select the ones you want).

  1. Tracklist tab
    Swap the track titles (manually by cut/paste the texts from one text field to the other)
  2. Recordings tab
    Reassign the recordings to match the teenage tracks (you can copy paste the recording URL to select the ones you want)

Thankyou! I’m new to this as im in the process of starting to copy all my cd’s to my home media server for the second time after my original hdd with everything on died, so i’m trying to make sure everything is perfect as i go!

I’ve just checked and the tracklist on discogs and the back of my cd matches so i think it’s just been inputted in error on here. I’ll give what’s been suggested a go but i’m not really sure what i’m doing yet :sweat_smile: also Thanks for adding the notes too

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Thanks, i just tried doing this but it reverted back to what it was before after i pressed finish?

I have just tried doing this but when i saved it, it just reverts back to the old one?

i’m inclined to accept the 3 discids (all added by the same editor i believe), so we’ve at least got the track duration sequence to go on. i’ve also retrieved the 4 original recordings (unlinked at some point in the past, so no duration retained) with a list of acoustids captured in annotations (i guess i believed at the time) that belong to each of those 4 recordings of interest. hope that helps with untangling the 4 tracks/recordings, whichever their true sequence may be.

Adagio for Strings (part of a “MoS: Anthems Trance” DJ‐mix) -
Silence (DJ Tiësto’s In Search of Sunshine mix) -
Gouryella (part of a “MoS: Anthems Trance” DJ‐mix) -
1998 (part of a “MoS: Anthems Trance” DJ‐mix) -

(think it was from 2018 that got all 4 recordings orphaned)

also see Edit #37314399 - MusicBrainz

Only auto-edits get applied immediately. Yours are still open, and this is totally normal. BTW, you should cancel the later duplicate edit.