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Continuing the discussion from Comment track - artist and track - track relationship:

That topic made me think about a relationship I have often wished it would have existed.

We all know parts of tunes that sound like some parts of other tunes.
Sometimes it is intentional (tribute, clin d’œil, plagiat, etc.) and sometimes it is not or we cannot and do not need to know anyway (inspiration, etc.).

I would like this for music and for words.

Maybe it would be better as folksonomy tags kind of system but it is not possible to link that way either.


I try and reference sites like as they collect this sort of information.
When dealing with works I tend to use work " is based on " work relationship to capture this.

Maybe modify this relationship and have what part of the song is referencing what part of the other song.
For example work " is based on lyrics from " work or work " is based on tune " work.