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Yes, these are good times for buying used CDs. Not so good for selling them, though. :slight_smile:

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I give them to the shops where they sell them 1€.
It’s called Emmaüs, it’s a kind of charity, in France. :wink:

But actually when I was young(er?), I had to drastically select my few CD and sell before I would be able to buy other ones (either new or second hand).

At that time is when suede was band new band and that I loved, together with Pulp and always David Bowie since before that, and Bob Marley, and Jacques Higelin…

I had a way to select, it was horrible but necessary: When I was not in love with more than 75% of a disc, I would sell it (after adding my loved tracks to some compilation cassette).

Even Bowie I had to sell some albums and kept only my own best (including Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity, Low, Let’s Dance, …).
I bought back all his disco around 2010, one by one.

Decades after I am buying back what I had to sell, back then, but that are still fond memories.
I love them all, now.
So nowadays, I don’t need to sell that much.
I’m mostly buying back. And listening to my beloved CD, of course.


For me it’s been more an issue of space than of budget. I only realistically have room for 2000 or so CDs, give or take a few hundred, so I had to cap my collection at that size. This, of course, is one area where digital media has a big advantage over CDs and vinyl…


Not sure how to add this to CritiqueBrainz so it’s just going to live here for the time being!

Op-shop treasure #5. ultimate showdown: summer breeze vs summer breeze

summer breeze

proably a bit lame even in 2006
classic rock that makes me want to buy a mazda, put the roof down, feel the breeze in my hair, and go 30 under the speed limit
tina turner: the best is a great song
hot chocolate: you sexy thing isn’t
mazda really gets and loves aotearoa because there’s quite a few kiwi songs here
i wonder if goodshirt is still making a living from ‘sophie’, i hope so
i literally cannot imagine a human picking these songs and thinking “these go well together”. and my imagination is pretty good. this isn’t a joke, the mix of styles here is insane
turning the volume down
man i bet Goldenhorse is still making bank
if spotify makes cd compilations like this go away then satan accidentally did something great when he formed that company

summer breeze

two cds ooooohhh noooooo
strictly non-offensive classic rock, i am not offended yet so good going so far, maybe a bit sleepy
can’t spot any kiwi bands on here at a glance, which is good news for the album, but does mean the breeze hates nz
been yawning a lot
with no warning, BAM, michael bublé
i thought i liked the beach boys, wtf is up with this kokomo song
either robbie williams is really good or everything else is exceptionally sleep inducing because he’s brought me back from the brink. robbie is pretty great though
cd 2, still awake but tough going
my brain is porridge
back to this grindstone the next day after a restful sleep. falling asleep again. it’s 10am
some of these songs are definitely fine

the verdict: it’s a hard to really weigh the two, summer breeze is definitely much worse but also much shorter than summer breeze. i would probably call it a tie, but if i had to pick one i guess i would go with summer breeze

p.s. even just taking lazy notes this hurt more than i thought it would. i was thinking about following up ny reviewing all the ‘lazy sunday’ compilations out there (there are a lot) but after this i really can’t.


Sorry for the delayed response but hell yeah! Someone else who is picking up these DIY CD’s from charity shops and more. I’ve got a stack myself (a lot of “jesus is coming” music) from various stores, as I feel a lot of this music is always on the fringes of dying forever.

I used to be part of a small group on Discogs that were trying to keep them archived on the Internet Archive, but you get into all kinds of sticky trouble.

One of the biggest reasons is that I’ve already had about 5 or so CD-R’s (as is often the DIY format of choice) that are completely gone - all that hard work (or lack thereof) just gone.

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p.s. even just taking lazy notes this hurt more than i thought it would. i was thinking about following up ny reviewing all the ‘lazy sunday’ compilations out there (there are a lot) but after this i really can’t.

I’m trying to review as many newspaper covermount CD’s that are out there that probably make up at least 1% of the UK’s landfill and are found at every single car boot you visit - pray for me :pray: :laughing:


oh, don’t worry, you’ve still gotta worry about space, just a different kind of space…
laughs in 1TB SSD in my laptop just to store all my games and media :sweat_smile:


from my small music collection, possibly a few duplicates. definitely not 2,000 releases tho…

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I can’t stop thinking about this post… :fishing_pole_and_fish::joy:


Oh man, work got in the way of me adding the fish ‘release’… some people will be happy to know :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to find the audio distortion hack videos but now all I could find is heaps of videos of people modifying it to work with Alexa hahaha. Billy lives on!!

Oh my lord, you’ve reviewed so many!! This is the first time I’ve missed something on CritiqueBrainz - where is the subscribe button :heart_eyes:

Link to reviews

How do you find the strength!!

Ooh interesting that others do this!

I don’t hold onto the CD’s, I scan and lossless rip them, and then they go back to a op/charity shop. But I have also had issues, files corrupted, unlikely to be found anywhere ever again :sob:

I upload some to less legal sharing platforms, which I consider a victimless crime as none of these can be purchased from the artist anymore, but I don’t think that means they stick around/someone else actually holds onto them :cry:

I never though of the IA… guessing compilations are impossible to get on there though, I’m sure most songs still have interested parties/are making someone $.

you mean like this?

this has been stuck in my favorites for ages~ doesn’t show how they did it, but it’s a great vid anyways~


Space madness…

All jokes aside - I find these budget and freebie releases quite interesting (I’m a slut for any promotional material) and they can be a really great way of expanding your collection for very little $£€ - so if i can help guide individuals through the minefield then I shall do that.

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also, I’m sure @aerozol will love this Wiki I found:


haha I actually noticed that just before you posted, because I saw the ‘singing fish’ tag and thought ‘someone’s having a laff’, but then there really was more than one release in there :joy:

That Wiki is brilliant haha. But where are the 600DPI packaging scans, cat. no’s and barcodes. Guess Everything has to be added to MB after all :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I figured, “it’s a meme, and I add memes… it just makes sense!” :wink:

yeah, I had to go to eBay to find a barcode for Travis… “now zoom, enhance! right there!” :joy:

the only issue is, I don’t know what the “fun release” tag is, if there is one…

edit: decided to make yet another release collection for this.


you guys are going to be the death of me. i’m gonna end up spending $50 on a jingle bells fish just to scan the box


Yes, MB can be an excuse for some guilty pleasures. :wink:


not to turn this into the singing fish thread but… oops, my hand slipped

Big Mouth Billy Bass - MusicBrainz
Travis the Singing Trout - MusicBrainz
& others… 1 2

the autism hyperfocus kicked in and i messaged this wonderful soul asking if they had any information/box scans/etc. im particularly excited about the russian knockoffs like this one

hope i get a response… still seems like a very active channel


well, welcome to FishBrainz, I guess…

all seriousness aside, I don’t know if that’s beautiful or cursed, but I love it either way~ :joy:


To be honest I want a 'brainz project for like everything - but then I realise that I would have to spread my time between all of them!


In case you didn’t see it yet, there is a Brainz fantasy list. :wink:

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