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There was some musing recently in IRC about DanceBrainz.


The nearest thing is http://www.wikitree.com/ which in case you don’t know is attempting to create a single family tree, and is completely free to use ecetera. But the code is not opensourced, there are restrictions on what data you can download and there is not much of a developer community.


Thanks for that, had a little play with it!
Some things the MB userbase (or should I say developerbase?) would do better at first glance (their locations are open-text fields?) but beggars can’t be choosers.

We would probably not need a LegoBrainz, for there are so many already.
I’m really amazed by all those wonderful LEGO® SYSTEM™ databases, it’s incredible.
My cousin recently made me know about them!

The fact that it is a finite world of only one brand and every little piece has its own catalogue number, life for LegoBrainz editors would be like paradise, compared to MB editing.

Thanks for the topic move, @Freso. :bow:


Those guys were Androids? I never knew.

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Only the black face, apparently. :smiley:

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Weird one, but was thinking about how cool an ApparelBrainz would be today.
Just because I see a lot of cool designs (including band shirts) out there, and a lot are limited and hard to find later (even pics of them)

edit: 9 months later :stuck_out_tongue:

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Someone in the general chatter thread linked to this topic recently, which I found very intriguing. I’m gonna bump it up and revive it: I thus posit…


That’s all I’m gonna say. There’s a lot of visual media out there, in ever-increasing amounts, and often transient in nature… but it’d be pretty fantastic to have a way to permanently track metadata and relational data for them, especially illustrations and artwork. Some integrated feature to hash and uniquely identify roughly identical images, ala AcoustID, would of course be swell as well.


Here is another one:


another idea from a BookBrainz discussion about photo books, ArtBrainz. could be similar to ImageBrainz above, but I could see this name more easily implying stuff like sculpture, frescoes, and other high art

(that’s not to say the name determines the scope, with many non-music recordings in MusicBrainz and stuff like newspapers, magazines, and research papers in BookBrainz)

I also think I prefer the abbreviation for ArtBrainz (AB) better than ImageBrainz (IB). granted, there might be a conflict with the now-defunct AcousticBrainz…


I know this is a double post, but an idea I’ve had bouncing around my brain (or should I say, Brainz :wink:) for several months is DataBrainz. the idea is similar to Wikidata, insomuch as it would collect data about different entities among the different Brainz; social links, name, and most importantly replacing links to all other Brainz with a single central link. for example, how we’ve got BookBrainz editions and MusicBrainz releases for the same audiobook. the same with many BookBrainz authors and MusicBrainz artists.

it might not be super useful at the moment, as there’s only two main databases of things (BookBrainz and MusicBrainz), meaning we can just link them both together. however, if we start getting more Brainz off the ground, it could get pretty crazy having a BookBrainz author, MusicBrainz artist, ArtBrainz artist, VideoBrainz director, and a GameBrainz developer for the same person and hoping whoever added each knows how to find and link all of them

perhaps it could also show data from all the various Brainz projects? all a persons’/groups’ release groups/edition groups/etc.? just an idea~

that or we could try and convince the Wikidata people to allow entries for more obscure entities? (only mostly kidding)


Oh neat topic!

I posted this kind of related as it is my fantasy for brainz

Tag videos with apparel in ApparelBrainz. Tag plants with plants from PlantBrainz. Tag Antiques with items in AntiqueBrainz?? And not just music videos. Tag movies that are stored in MovieBrainz!

Items in each brainz would likely already be described as I desired through various relationships… then just tag videos with them. I like this topic. Need brainz for everything! All interlinked! Interlinked Brainz

Also did anyone suggest CarBrainz yet? I feel like that would be super popular. I’m not a car nut myself, but there are so many of them. Track cars, and after market parts? Make a collection of your car and it’s modifications.

Oh, and PlantBrainz should have a site to go with it, HarvestBrainz. Instead of listening history you track your gardens harvest history :laughing: That way I can learn what varieties of veggies grow best in my garden!


I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere, yea… would be handy to document what “universal” parts and accessories don’t actually fit which car, in my mind. for example, since my car has weird air vents, most vent-mounted accessories don’t fit

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Brilliant :scream:

Opening it up to more ‘tracking’ sites opens up a whole new avenue. Once I get RFID tags into all my socks SockBrainz can finally track all my socks wearing data, as god intended!


Until you get DRM that locks you out from wearing a mismatched pair


A post on discord gave me an idea for another… BirdBrainz for birding! AcousticID type system for identifying birds? :thinking:


I’ve gotta mention it…


(only mostly kidding)


@aerozol has just made a ticket for ShareBrainz, a service for making music easier to share across different platforms