The General Chatter/Off Topic Thread

Theres some great ones in there!

Moving away from singing fish and dreams, whats your favourite mechanism in MusicBrainz.

Mine has to be the ability to merge items together, its great - it means nothing gets lost but reduces duplication!


Mine is really, with no hesitation, collection highlighter.

It’s really THE reason of using MB for me: seeing all what I already have (recordings, mostly), including in albums I don’t have.
Seeing all things that I might want to acquire (see why with my second favourite feature) without adding redundancy.

It is not a genuine MB feature (it’s a user script), but it’s thanks to MB. And I really hope one day it will be part of MB, to save my maintenance time. And also to enable this, even on browsers that don’t support user scripts, like most mobile browsers.

My second favourite feature is ratings!


the CAA!! mixed w/ the funkey illustrated records script it just makes me so happy. collecting pretty cover art was a big reason i started collecting music

other than that i really like tags :3 the ability to cancel edits is nice too


Did you know that @teethfairy makes great music??

@uZer42 (uZer42) isn’t on the forums but their current project is great as well: Stream null.part music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud


omg thank you!! my mom is a classical musician so ive spent my whole life making music that sounds as little like anything any she would play as i can haha

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Haha nice, I have a friend who has followed a very similar path, but more down the noisy route :stuck_out_tongue:
I think his mom digs it though!

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haha thats awesome. my mom & i have been making some music together lately. trying to figure out what genre features both violoncello and heavy samples from buffy the vampire slayer has been a struggle but we’re getting there :sweat_smile:


probably gonna have to pick Folksonomy tags~ I’ve actually discovered new music through simply searching and browsing tags.

some of my favorites as of late:

I could have sworn there was a larger Zalgo tag that I found a few months back, but I can’t seem to find it with search…

I dunno, I might start a thread for good tags like these, I can’t tell you how many great tags I’ve randomly come across and lost since…

I did not, actually… I’ll have to check him out… :wink:


you’ve made my day with these hahah. big fan of We’ve All Been Tricked Into Thinking This Reality Is Normal & Acceptable, It’s Not. Your Anxiety Is Real & Bugging Out Is The Correct Response. sometimes i like to scroll through sillyname for ideas about how to annoy people. my little sibling wanted a performance name and i told them they should make it “:crown:” (their birthname means king :slight_smile: ).

you totally should make a thread for good tags!!


Not off topic, but not really deserving of its own thread…

Does anyone have some excellent research skills and can find out if these two UK ‘Headspace Records’ labels are the same? The specifics are in the annotation atm, I struggled to find more history:

Your day they don’t have the same logo.
The older one has release from the 80s, and the new one says:
Headline Records is a new Record Label and Label Services company that works directly with artists and labels to provide a polished and professional platform to release music into the world.

So let’s consider them another label, for the moment.

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Thanks jesus!

@ev also found some info on irc (just in case this pops up in a later search):

aerozol: Looked on companies house. the active one was incorporated last year

the headline records releases all seem to have phonographic copyright / manufacturing / marketing by Creole Records which is owned by Sanctuary so I would doubt they would have flogged off their IP to this startup

the recent one just looks like a rubbish startup. look at the articles of incorporation

also look at the old label on Discogs. it looks like most of the entries are erroneous, except for the Peter Green albums which have the HED cat numbers

and on all the Peter Green albums the real label actually appears to be Creole

which is owned by Sanctuary and I don’t believe that Sanctuary are really in the business of selling off their catalogue to startups

and if this startup actually bought Peter Green’s material, one would think that they would start reissuing that stuff to keep afloat

Sanctuary is now part of BMG. So, I agree, not likely the startup.

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Hi there. Just felt like dropping in and saying hi this morning.

I never had really introduced myself around here, but I have been an editor at MBz for a couple of years now, just occasionally plugging away at random nerdy stuff in on-and-off cycles. When Plex added support for matching music with MB, that’s actually what brought me into the fold, as my friend runs a large, collectively available and extensible Plex media server for our friend group, and we were really struggling with how to organize and categorize music until we turned to MB.

I’m usually mostly down-to-business and not much of a socialite, but given how much I love MeB and MB and am dedicated to the projects, I felt like it would make sense to make some friends and connections, and get roots down in the community. So hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like a bunch of Touhou music and am a fan of many circles that arrange the music of the games, so I spent most of my entire day yesterday working on Sally releases and getting those up to snuff, with recording-work relationships and arranger/lyricist/arrangement source credits and all that jazz. I’m pretty happy with my work.


Kia ora!

That’s really cool! I use Plex sometimes but I haven’t paid any attention to how it can grab info :shushing_face: Mainly cause my tags are good already.

But a music source you can communally improve info on sounds amazing! I’m guessing he’s auto snatching a bunch of stuff as it releases etc and then Plex can check MB to display it nicely. Does Plex support recording > work info?


Sadly, no… I’m actually quite dissatisfied with the metadata that Plex does expose; it is quite crap. There are services that do way, way better, like Roon, but we have a very specific set of needs and use cases beyond just serving out private music streaming, so we’ve stuck with Plex. It’s not the best for any single task, but it covers the widest amount of our needs and is the best overall fit.

And actually, no, we don’t even have stuff on automatic addition or anything… The way we do it, each user that wants to put music on the server is responsible for making sure everything that they want to upload is matched to an MBz entity… and that very often means adding stuff to MBz :stuck_out_tongue: So it’s not quite as effortless as you’re imagining… but there’s a lot of really esoteric and eclectic stuff on there that you’d never find on a more mainstream service like Spotify, so we’re happy to be using a closed-garden friend group server. It’s a labor of love.

And also said friend who administers the server also purchases and maintains several dozen TB of RAID drives for us, so we can have music collections that far, far outstrip each of our own personal abilities to store it all. Which is nice… We kinda pay him back by doing the lion’s share of housekeeping for the data that actually lives there. Win-win.


welcome Silver~

I also dig some good Japanese music, mostly hololive IDOL PROJECT and a little bit of anime music. haven’t gotten into doujin music, but I think I heard @Totosaurio3279 (and others, I’m sure) have been doing some work in that area too.

I’ve also been starting some minor work on making soundtrack works for games.

I hope you enjoy your time here~


Word! I also do a lot of matching to soundtracks of various media types, and I didn’t realize how useful Soundtrack works are until I ran across a few. It rocks to have those, without having to rely on just having some de-facto definitive Release entity to have to work from.

Releases sometimes just don’t exist for what you want, and it’s either impractical to make a Bootleg, or nobody has done it and you don’t want the PITA of making it yourself… Best part about Soundtracks as a Work-type entity is that it’s effectively arbitrary, without having to be held to the more stringent standards of Releases. Tags could also serve a similar purpose, but are probably less searchable, less describable, less rich, and much more easy to spaghettify at scale…


yeah, I’ve been moving away from using tags for series and franchises, and more towards Work Series like this one I just created. I do usually add tags to the series I create, that way it’s easier to find. (this one was fun, because it’s a video game series based on a film series based on a book series, all of which already had some works in the DB)

now, I’m not too sure how Work series and Release Group series should be related, because I do see a purpose for grouping Release Groups… maybe the RG series is a subseries of the Work series? I dunno…

(discourse is telling me I’m posting too much in this topic, lol)

edit: didn’t realize I still had my collection in my previous post still set to private… oop


More often than not, I feel like this is a “one or the other” type of thing… I’ve seen both types (Works | RG) but the only available Series-Series relationship is “Subseries,” which is unfortunate… So it seems like, unless new relationship types are added, it may be best to simply have no direct series-series relationship.

Granted, there’s always annotations. They’re not really a proper relationship linkage, so the Series entities wouldn’t be linked in strict database terms, but if you want to inform people just browsing around the site, you can always link to relevant MB entities in the annotation, and I do this quite frequently. Annotations are the bomb.

Edit: Here are some good examples of the sort of info I use annotations for. On Releases, they can really help to eliminate any future confusion about exactly what is meant to be represented by a certain entry, IMO. Personally, I always really appreciate when other editors have left behind clarifying info in Annotations on stuff.

While I do strongly relate to the desire to link two Series items for RG and Works, I’m not sure how useful (beyond discoverability) it’d actually be to have both types of Series for a given IP. Both serve roughly the same purpose, and depending on what entities you’re trying to access / discover, getting from one entity type to the other is, at most, like 3 or 4 relationship links away.

Buuuut yeah, it’d sure be nice to have a way to link / unify those things type-wise, given that they do seem to serve the same purpose, and it would help discoverability…