Specific per recording and general per release performer, etc. credits

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as an continuation of these threads, what if we know the performer credits for each recording in a release, but the release also provides general performer credits for each band member (even when certain performer+instrument combos do not occur on each recording)? it seems if i add both the recording and release performer credits, then they get mixed with the recording performer tags in Picard.

in particular i am working on adding our release

which has performer credits for each track/recording. but currently i also added performer tags for each band member’s instruments/vocals to the entire release. however, on track 10 for example, only 2 members perform 1 guitar, 2 vocals (which is reflected in the recording’s performer tags) but since there are the general release level performer tags as well, they are being written to the track but are not correct (e.g. there are no drums nor bass nor electric guitar).

should these release level performer credits be removed, or perhaps belong in another tag?

finally, for things like mixer and mastering, which are the same for each track, should that be added to each recording, to the entire release, or both?

in general i am a bit confused about whether tags that apply to all recordings in a release should be tagged in each recording or the release? my guess is that per recording level is preferred though it seems like redundant information.



If it is known exactly for which tracks the relationships do not apply, they should definitely be added on the recording level.

Recording level is preferred, as the release level relationship is ambiguous here: It is not clear whether this relationship applies to all tracks or not. Often this ambiguity is already in the booklet, so in some cases it is just not known if it applies to all tracks or not, or it is known it does not apply to all tracks but it is unclear which. In those cases the release level is the best we can do, but as soon as we know it exactly the recording level is better.

I also don’t think this is redundant. If at all this removes redundancy, as the same recording can be used on other releases.


thanks @outsidecontext for the reply. so just to be clear, if the release has general performer information (e.g. Jane Doe - guitar, Gian Do - vocals, percussion) and each track has more specific performer info (e.g. track 10: Jane Doe - acoustic guitar, Gian Do - vocals, triangle) then we only use the recording performer info, leaving out the release level performer info entirely? if so, it seems that perhaps the general band performer info should go somewhere as well?

thanks again, w


definitely. i was trying to say that having the same info repeated for each recording (i.e. mixer, performer, etc) seems redundant since it is the same for each track and so could just be in the release group and propagate down to the recordings



If you mean who’s a member of the band and what instruments or whatnot they generally play, that can be stored in the artist-artist “member of” relationship :slight_smile:


@reosarevok OK, thanks for clearing that up and to you & @outsidecontext for all your work on MusicBrainz!