Soundtrack released with film - wanting to figure out how to add it (Japanese Sailor Moon Eternal release)

I recently got the ““Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie” Blu-ray first press limited edition 【Pretty Guardians limited edition(limited quantity)】”.

I’m not finding a lot of information to link to since it’s a fan club-only release (from what I can tell), but I took some pictures to help get the idea across.

What this has is 2 blu-ray discs and 2 CDs. The first blu-ray, labeled as disc 1, just has the movies. The second blu-ray has mostly interviews and event videos, though there is one music video as well.
The 2 CDs are labeled as discs 3+4, but also in some spots as discs 1+2 for the soundtrack, or as separate soundtracks.

I guess I mostly am not sure how I should title the release as well handling the disc numbers. I was planning to go ahead with using the Japanese rather than English titles. What’s the best way to go about adding this to MusicBrainz? Is the music video also something I should be adding?


For disc numbering, you can keep the actual order and make the film (non music) disc medium empty: How to add CD's included as Bonus Discs for film DVD's/Blu-Rays?


There’s the string of words I needed. Thank you!

This isn’t how we typically enter these kinds of releases.

Here’s 3 examples ranging from ancient to recent:

It is not difficult to find more:

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