How to add CD's included as Bonus Discs for film DVD's/Blu-Rays?


Intuitively, i would add the whole disc set, including a blu ray with the film and a second disc with the soundtrack.
Would it be correct, or do we only add the soundtrack cd?
Where would the film be added to? Under the director? Various Artists/[no artist]/[unknown]?
What else do i have to consider before adding a blu-ray?


Yes I agree you should create a release with two media: the blu-ray and the CD.

In most cases I don’t think there’s much point in filling anything else about the blu-ray part other than the fact that it is part of the release. You can just create the medium with an empty tracklist. Example:


Good idea.
I never thought of adding an empty medium so I usually only added the CD, moving it to position 2.

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Standard practice here has been to enter the bonus music content (the enclosed music CD) without the main video disc(s) when dealing with a video product that isn’t a concert - same as what VGMdb does. There are literally thousands of such Japanese music releases already in the database omitting the main TV/movie disc(s).

In practice, this is how data has been entered here:

  1. If the product is supposed to be music (in other words, the main disc is music), then we include all the bonus discs, even if the bonus discs are interviews/data rather than music.
  2. If the product is supposed to be TV/movie (in other words, the main disc is not music), then we ignore the main disc, and enter the bonus audio disc(s) as if it were a standalone release.

I have never used the empty medium trick yet.
I started the disc numbering at 2 instead of 1.

But I find the empty medium better idea, less confusing.


i entered it like this atm

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The ability to add a medium without a tracklist is a very new feature so of course there are many previously existing releases without them.

I think we should strive to add them whenever it makes sense to do so.


I disagree, and I suspect others would too. When I tag music from MusicBrainz, I don’t want or expect my music to end up being disc #2. That makes it look like content is missing from my music library, both to human eyes and to database queries. Most users aren’t going to be trying to store a movie in their music library.

When a CD is enclosed with a magazine, we don’t enter an “Other 1: Magazine” empty medium to shift the CD down to “CD 2”.


Never assume. There is already at least three different methods in this one thread. All are perfectly acceptable. You can always tweak your tagging via Picard if you want disc 2 to be disc 1.

I am one of those who does keep films in with my music when they are a combined entity. Often an Anniversary edition of a film may come in a fancy boxset. And I’ll rip film and music and store it together. My Media Centre then separates them out for me.

There are also concert films that come with CD editions in the same box.

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You are free to store your videos and music however you like. However, the posters in this topic are actually in agreement about not creating a track/recording for your movie, whether it is via omitting the disc or by using the empty medium feature (which was intended for unknown content, not known non-musical content). So you would still be unable to use MusicBrainz to tag your movie.

Did you actually read my posts in this topic? I specifically cited a concert as a video product that wouldn’t be ignored here.

I am not trying to use MB to tag the movie. I never said that. Just document the contents of the package and the count of disks in the box. Along with packaging artwork. Exactly like @draconx example.


The questions that occurred to me while reading this thread are:

  1. Does including the DVD serve MB’s mission in any way? I believe it does. My initial thought in this case is that the DVD/CD item constitutes a release, and is distinct from a CD-only release of the same music (which may or may not exist). So including the DVD medium in the release would, at the very least, serve as disambiguation.

  2. Will it interfere with Picard’s (or other apps that use MB data) ability to correctly match and populate the tags for audio files related to the release? I’m not overly familiar with Picard or how it would react to such a release. I’m much more familiar with Plex. In Plex, I can use the MBID of a CD to help Plex find the correct match. If the MBID is the same for the DVD and CD, will Plex be confused by the presence of the DVD? I don’t know. I don’t have any such releases to test with.

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