Soundtrack from steam game

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I have a soundtrack album of the LISA video game, which contains 91 tracks. MusicBrainz database contains the bandcamp version of the soundtrack, which contains 71 tracks.

Is it okay to add a steam-released soundtrack in the DB? What are the correct metadata for this kind of release?


I would add it as an official digital media release in the same release group. I’m not sure about things like record label and catalogue number though. Do the files’ metadata contain any information about that?


Thanks mfmeulenbelt for your answer. I’ll do that.

The files’ metadata contains only basic information (author, title, album, track number, and a comment with an url to the bandcamp album page).


There’s been extensive discussion of something similar here:


Hey @jorispilot, thanks for your addition! More VG music is always welcome!

I did some digging, and the Bandcamp version actually has 90 tracks - the rest aren’t visible on the streaming page, but when you buy and download the album they are included.
I’ll update and correct the Bandcamp release.

My questions is - where does your track 91 come from? The Steam soundtrack page only says 90 tracks as well :slight_smile:


My pleasure @aerozol :slight_smile:

In the Steam release, additional tracks with respect to the Bandcamp streaming version are tracks 71 to 90. The 91st Steam track corresponds to the 71th Bandcamp streaming track.

Discogs lists 90 tracks and says

Distributed via Bandcamp.
Tracks 71-89 are bonus tracks, only available through download.

The 91st track is then “God’s Call.” It is a 37" song with the same theme than “Big Boy’s Call,” “Child’s Call,” “Father’s Call,” … but with trumpet only.