Should the ISNI code on an artist page be linked with their entries on the ISNI website?

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As of now, artist with an ISNI just simply display the numbers (and X) as plain text but I wonder if it’s okay to link it to the ISNI website like the other external links. I don’t mean putting it with the rest of the external links but simply linking to the website probably with a copy button if it’s hard to copy the ISNI itself should it be a link.

For example, The Beatles have their ISNI as 0000 0001 2170 7484 which corresponds to on the ISNI website.


That was supposed to be fixed in 2013, wonder what changed. @Bitmap: have a look if you find some time, if not I will check when I’m back in Estonia and working :slight_smile:


I touched on this a couple weeks ago.


It is a regression since 2018-11-01 when this template has been rewritten to React.