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Artist images (wikipedia images) are no longer displaying.
Sometimes I can click on an ISNI number and sometimes I cannot.
The VIAF link is clickable but now displays VIAF: 27290678 (the artist’s number) instead of just VIAF.

I am sure there are other changes, but those 3 stick out in my head.

Is this something the site is doing, or have I started inputting data wrong?

To be honest: I have never seen artist images on Musicbrainz…

For me VIAF is clickable. Entry is a valid url for me eg

Can you give links to the ones that don’t work for you?

VIAF is still clickable. But it is shown differently.
Sorry for the confusion. I edited my post to be more clear.

Known, intentional, hopefully temporary.

This was probably changed at some point - I don’t think it hurts :slight_smile:

That I’m not sure about. If you have examples that do work vs ones that do not, I could take a look :slight_smile:

At the moment, it looks like none of them are clickable.

I noticed that the artist images stopped working around the time that Wikipedia links started being replaced by Wikidata links. I’m not sure how wikicommons images are affected in all of this, but I thought I’d give it my observation.

Commons images were intentionally taken down because of some legal crap we’re working on and will hopefully go back up once that is fixed. It’s not related to Wikidata, and in fact the code is written to take pictures from Wikidata if one is available :slight_smile:


It has always been displayed like that, since 2013 at least, see code change.

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