Should I use a standalone recording or single for Youtube?

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For music that is only on Youtube, when should I add it as a standalone recording and when should I add it as a single? I don’t know what the criteria are for when which is appropriate. The question is mainly for artists that are primarily or exclusively put their music on youtube.

The youtube import script from this page does standalone recordings only, so that is what I have been using.

But if it is ok to do so, I would prefer to add/convert more singles since they are much nicer to work with using Picard.

In that case I’d probably create singles for tracks on youtube that have their own cover art and/or if the artist says it’s a single.


I agree with this. If it’s promoted/distributed as a single, it should have it’s own artwork. Otherwise, that’s what makes it a standalone recording for me.

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Hi guys, I’m interested in doing some of this for video that I like.

Can anyone post any “Recording” and has already been added to MusicBrainz so I can use it as reference in term of quality and layout. So I can add it to fit the MusicBrainz standard.

Thank you.