Standalone recording "release" date

I’ve made standalone recording entries for certain tracks from artists that get posted by themselves on platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube. These tracks have been one-offs (in some instances, they are unauthorized remixes), and not “singles” by themselves. Any which way, I believe they’re notable.

Generally I’d like to save the date for when said track was posted online, as it is as sort of “release” date. I would not have information for when this music was “recorded”, aka rendered in the music software.

In my personal music database, these tracks would’ve been [non-album tracks] but have their earliest release date in the Date field.

Thus far, I’ve been using the “Disambiguation” field for this. Like so:

Am I misusing this field? I do not see a relationship that easily slots into my idea of some type of “posting date”.


If you are sure the stream for free: page was made available at that date, you can set the begin date for this relationship by clicking edit, then the pencil icon.

But if you really want a real release date, you have to include this recording in a single release.


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I think this is exactly what I should do here. I will move / append these posting dates to the URL relationships. Thanks for the suggestion!

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