Should i have two or one label on this album

in the Billboard mag on 23 Aug 1997 i t talks about integrity music inc we’re launching a new imprint vertical music and that it would fall under “mobile, ala.-based integrity label group umbrella which also includes Integrity Music, Hosanna! Music, Integrity Music Just-for-Kids, Renewal Music, and FairHope Records”

here there is a name change page 14

for the album Mission of Praise by Scott Wesley Brown on the spine it has integrity music
is that integrity music the label or integrity music inc. or mobile, ala.-based integrity music inc. now known as integrity media inc.

and on the back, front and medium it has Hosanna! Music

the spine is hard to read but if you look close it has a y

and integrity music and integrity media in relationship needs fixing up as a hole on music brainz

You should include all visible music labels (not hairdresser or other non musical logos).
The spine label could be considered main/primary label.
Usually, the catalogue number should be associated to the spine label(s), if any, or back cover / CD label(s), if no spine labels.


is this the correct way of setting it up?

thanks for the help

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and should i add integrity music inc and move Hosanna! Music to it atm it is attached to integrity media inc. witch is wrong as integrity media inc. is the main group integrity music inc is a subsidiary of it and has the imprints Integrity Music, Hosanna! Music, Integrity Music Just-for-Kids, Renewal Music, FairHope Records, and vertical music and there maybe others?
and should i make mobile, ala.-based integrity music inc and link it to integrity media inc as a rename?

Are you sure that’s a y on the spine? It looks to me like it might be the “A!” in “HOSANNA!” . The spine logo looks like the Hosanna logo on the back cover. is a release under the Integrity imprint from the same time period, and it has a very different logo.

If I’m correct, then Hosanna should be the only label listed for this release.

As far as the parent company, it sounds like the Integrity Music and Hosanna! Music labels should be imprints of Integrity Music Inc. According to wikipedia that is no longer a subsidiary of Integrity Media, though: . The current Integrity Media entity seems like it might better be renamed to Integrity Music (with a “not for release label use” annotation, though few seem to pay attention to those).

it is integrity the last letter is large at the top and small on the bottom you have to look real close the font thay use has the y wit a thick side and a thin side where it splits im looking at it on a 27 inch 2019 imac if your looking at it on a different kind of display it may be that it is juts not showing you it and the album on Discogs has Integrity Music as the label

ill look at the rest later as i have to go now
or you can fix it up

here is a beter image of the spine image

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Got it, so yeah it’s entirely appropriate to have both labels listed.